Audit and Risk Committee

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The LEP’s Audit and Risk Committee ensures the development and implementation of the LEP’s policies on strategic risk management, financial reporting, audit process, system of internal controls and ensures compliance with the Assurance Framework.

The committee meets three times a year and has an independent chair.

New Anglia LEP annual financial statements are audited independently by accountants who are bound by the ICAEW’s Code of Ethics. The auditors are re-appointed each year at the annual general meeting. The Audit & Risk committee reviews the performance of the auditors and an audit tender is undertaken periodically.

Committee Members

Nick Banks (Chair), Scrutton Bland

Geoff Dobson, Independent member of A&R Committee. Read his Register of Interests here

David Pomfret, College of West Anglia. Read his Register of Interests here 

Holly Field, Suffolk County Council (Deputising for Accountable Body S151 Officer) 

Vacant position

Click here to see its Terms of ReferenceAccountable Body Agreement, and Scheme of Delegation.

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