Skills Bootcamps

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Help us to design Skills Bootcamps to support your workforce and recruitment

New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, with Norfolk and Suffolk County Councils, is backing Skills Bootcamps. They are the Government’s new high-profile training and recruitment initiative designed to help your workforce and recruitment needs.

We are looking for input from local employers to establish how Skills Bootcamps may work in our region and we would value your feedback. 

You can help us to design a local training programme based on industry requirements.

  • Bootcamps are tailor-made programmes which last from 60 hours to 16 weeks. They can:
  • Support the unemployed seeking to gain the skills needed to find work
  • Help those looking to retrain
  • Benefit your employees who are seeking to upskill and enhance their contribution to your business, helping improve your productivity. 

As a local employer, we want your views and input:  

To identify recruitment challenges and where they might be supported by an intensive training programme

  • To support the design and development of Bootcamps to maximise the benefits to your industry
  • To provide support and advice on the key employment requirements of your sector (such as qualification entry requirements and skillsets)
  • To identify opportunities for upskilling your current workforce
  • To provide job interview opportunities based on your current vacancies
  • To support the recruitment of work-ready candidates

The region-wide programmes are funded as part of the National Skills Fund and will train individuals over an intensive period with the aim of introducing these individuals to employers with current and emerging vacancies. 

In addition to training, participants will receive employability support and career guidance aligned to your co-designed industry working requirements. This training may include a formal qualification as well. 

By helping design the Bootcamps, you get the chance to address your recruitment challenges and skills gaps, get easy access to engaged and interview ready applicants for your positions and benefit from Immediate access to training for your workforce directly tailored to your needs.

Email [email protected] if you would like to get involved.

Click on the button below to view the list, please highlight what training your business needs and/or if you are recruiting, how many guaranteed interviews you would be willing to carry out in the 2022/23 financial year and how many positions you are likely to have. 


Work Inspiration events

These are an easy way for you to connect with schools, colleges and other industry volunteers. They are free to attend and offer numerous benefits to both students and employers. Our two main events are the Suffolk or Norfolk Skills and Careers festivals.

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Work placements

These enable young people to experience your industry before choosing a career. They are important for personal development. Your organisation may even appreciate their ideas and enthusiasm.

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Special educational needs or disabilities students

These young people can add enormous value and commitment to any organisation. Look for the potential in SEND candidates and you will find enthusiastic, committed and creative employees.

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The Youth Pledge team looks forward to recognising you as a supporter and providing you with further guidance. You will then be able to use the Youth Pledge logo on your business communications. This will highlight your support for young people in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Find out more about supporting the Youth Pledge, please contact our Skills Manager, Natasha Waller – email [email protected] or call 07384 253355.

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