Covid-19 Economic recovery

New Anglia LEP is working with partners to drive the Covid-19 economic recovery in Norfolk and Suffolk.

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The Norfolk and Suffolk Covid-19 Economic Recovery Restart Plan brings together commitments and actions from local authority, private sector, third sector and education organisations to outline the key activities in place to help our region’s economy restart after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Norfolk and Suffolk Visitor Economy Recovery Plan, from New Anglia LEP and Visit East of England, outlines commitments and actions to support our tourism and cultural sectors.

In August 2020, New Anglia LEP submitted its response to the BEIS Super Inquiry on Post-Pandemic Economic Growth. You can read the response here


Watch the videos below to hear from some of the businesses we have supported during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Local partners have already committed to a clear vision to drive economic growth across Norfolk and Suffolk.

In the Norfolk and Suffolk Economic Strategy, we have pledged to work together to transform our economy into one of the best places in the world to live, work, learn and succeed in businesses and that ambition still stands.

We stand by the commitment made in our Local Industrial Strategy to become the UK’s Clean Growth Region, driving clean, inclusive and productive growth. This will now be a greater challenge, but new opportunities are emerging which could make significant advances in some areas of the economy. 

The wider economic and political climate of Brexit also still has a significant part to play in plans for the coming years.

Respond Restart Renew Timeline

March 2020 – Autumn 2020

June 2020 – Autumn 2020

Autumn 2020 – Onwards

Respond to the economic shock from Covid-19 across Norfolk and Suffolk.

Support businesses, individuals, communities, anchor institutions, and further and higher education providers to open and start trading and living life with confidence in an environment dominated by social distancing as quickly and safely as possible.

Renew the economy, building on the Economic Strategy and Local Industrial Strategy and respond to long-term changes brought about by the pandemic, making advances where possible.

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