The C-CARE (Covid Channel Area Response Exchange)

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Norfolk County Council and New Anglia LEP are part of an ambitious cross-border project that will deliver a unique package of Covid-19 recovery support for local businesses and people. 

The C-CARE (Covid Channel Area Response Exchange) initiative, funded by the Interreg France (Channel) England programme, is set to reach businesses and people that have been hit hardest in the pandemic.

Drawing on a range of expertise from local government, enterprise and tourism in the UK and France, the project will support people at risk of exclusion from the labour market and businesses at risk of closure. 

C-CARE aims to reach 4,500 people and almost 2,000 businesses through its pilot initiatives which include skills training to help individuals find new routes into employment or starting a business, and advice and grants aimed at helping companies reset their business models in response to the pandemic.  

It is hoped that the insights and evidence gathered from both sides of the Channel will feed into local plans for Norfolk, to aid recovery and resilience planning and ensure measures are in place to support businesses and people adapt to future pandemics or economic shocks.     

New Anglia LEP has secured 1.19m euros for its partnership activity. The LEP will be delivering;

  • Coordination of the Respond, Reflect, Report evaluation programme,
  • Running a self-employment support programme under C-CARE Support to be launched later in 2021
  • A focussed Challenge Fund for future town feasibility work under C-CARE Future Vision to be issued in 2022.

Together the 7 partners will be delivering the following (not all activities are being delivered in Norfolk and Suffolk) 

1. Respond, Reflect, Report will enable partners, stakeholders and other Channel projects to review initial Covid-response, gather good practice and bring together lessons learnt in order to shape a new package of Covid-19 response and recovery actions

2. C-CARE Support for Social Inclusion will deliver targeted support to more than 4,547 individuals to develop new skills and tools to help them into employment or start a business

3. C-CARE Support for Business Recovery will provide direct support to over 1,947 businesses via advice, vouchers and grants aimed at helping sectors hard-hit by the pandemic to develop new business models to respond market changes and ensure a green, inclusive and sustainable economic recovery.

4. C-CARE Reset and Redesign will develop blueprints for future town centres to improve long term prospects for businesses and work on new ways to tackle social exclusion.

The C-CARE project received €6.7million from the European Regional Development Fund via the Interreg France (Channel) England programme. The 3-year project runs until June 2023. 

As part of the C-Care project, an evaluation of the collective public sector response in Norfolk and Suffolk to Covid-19 has been completed. You can read the full evaluation documents here:
Annex A – Deep Drive Reviews October 2021Annex B – Light Touch Reviews October 2021 and Interreg FCE – C-Care Evaluation for Norfolk and Suffolk – October 2021

For more information about the project activities planned by New Anglia LEP with this funding, please contact Marie Finbow at New Anglia LEP on [email protected] 
“This programme will offer valuable support for the self-employed as they look to recover from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Challenge Fund, which will support innovative ideas for our local towns as they adapt to our ‘new normal’, will make sure that we build places where resilient and dynamic businesses can flourish.”
Chris Starkie, Chief Executive of New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership