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Clean Growth for Business: Series Two

Before COP 26, we delivered a number of programmes of support to help you learn more about the actions you can take on the Journey to Net Zero. 

We delivered webinars, events and podcasts full of practical tips, bringing you inspiring stories through our news and blogs and sharing helpful online resources. You can view all of the recordings below, where you will be able to learn more, set your own goals and make changes which are good for your business, good for your customers and good for the planet. 

Click on the themes below to find online resources.

Learning resources and useful tools

Travel and Transport

Click here for material to help you find out more about some of the changes which you can make within your own business

The Challenge & The Evidence

Find out more about the climate change challenge and why it's important for SMEs to get involved

Property & Construction

Click here for resources to help you learn more about the simple changes you can make as well as longer term investments and opportunities

Business Support

Our programmes and local partners can help you identify possible funding and connect you to experts who can offer advice and support. Click here for more information

Procurement & Supply Chain

Find out about changes you can make to cut carbon emissions in your supply chain and make sure you’re ready to bid for work in future


Find out more about reducing your water use and reusing this valuable resource

Event Recordings

Click heading to watch our Clean Growth for Business webinars

Clean Growth for Business Podcast

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