The Challenge

The earth’s average global surface temperatures have risen about 1°C from pre-industrial levels. There are multiple lines of evidence for this warming, and the magnitude of warming is unprecedented over periods ranging from decades to millennia. The evidence is clear that the atmosphere and the oceans have warmed, sea levels have risen and the amounts of snow and ice have decreased.


Warming since 1861–1880 is now around 1°C. Assuming a path of global emissions based on current levels of effort, estimates suggest global temperature could rise by around 2.9°C (estimated range 2.1°C – 3.9°C) by the end of the century. Keeping warming to less than 1.5°C is possible, depending upon the climate response and upon human actions, but given existing fossil infrastructure, it currently appears unlikely that such a goal would be achieved without major additional effort by governments.

Source: Oxford University 


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