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Our 50+ Choices (Fuller Working Lives) programme aims to help employers to support their workforce from mid-life. It will raise awareness of the benefits of older workers, their skills and experience and help to improve line management education to ensure employees do not need to leave the workforce before they wish to. 
The programme, being delivered with the Department for Work and Pensions, will:
  • Develop the business case for older workers by raising awareness amongst employers on the benefits brought by these workers and the skills and experience they contribute. 
  • Improve line management education on why these employees might exit the workforce prematurely and how to address potential issues 
  • Providing tools to engage older workers in conversation and to offer options for retaining this talent within the workforce. It will also support workers to plan for a timely and more financially-viable retirement.
Why has this programme been developed?
We are living longer, but the average retirement age is now earlier than it was in the 1950’s. 
In many cases, this is not retirement which people have planned and saved for and many people need to stop work due to caring responsibilities for older family members. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic are likely to see a further increase in over 50s leaving the job market prematurely.
What can employers do?
  • Encourage flexible/agile/dynamic working for carers together with practical support to help balance work and caring responsibilities – with a focus on productivity rather than working hours
  • Review employee benefits to ensure they are flexible enough for people at all stages of life
  • Engage older workers through forums and diversity network groups 
  • Analyse employee skills and provide re-skilling and training advice
  • Actively transfer knowledge between generations and encourage mentoring
  • Encourage employees to think about multiple part-time roles and changes to their careers
  • Provide good retirement transition preparation
  • Support financial planning and education
  • Support healthy lifestyles
  • Enhance the profile of volunteering and utilising professional skills within the voluntary sector
  • Develop partnership models with local colleges – working closely in partnership with industry where there are options for highly skilled members of the workforce looking to re-skill or reshape the end of their careers into further or higher education.
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Sports England are dedicated to improving physical and mental health of individuals and this website offers ideas and a tool kit to help improve your health and wellbeing. Contact via the on-line form here

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CIPD is a professional body of experts who champion better work and working lives. These links details how the employer can support  employees with careering responsibilities. Contact: 020 8612 6200 Email: on-line form via the website

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  • This Business in the Community (BITC) toolkit on becoming an age friendly employer toolkit explains the actions businesses can take through the lens of five evidenced-based areas.

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  • Occupational health (OH) is a multi-disciplinary approach to maintaining the well-being of those employed in a workplace, preventing and removing ill-health and developing solutions to keep staff with health issues at work. OH professionals provide independent advice on staff unable to work due to long-term or short-term intermittent health problems, and organisational wide steps to reduce sickness absence.

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  • Blue Novation (redundancy support services for Mid-Life+) 

Blue Novation’s NewLeaf redundancy support service provides those who are Mid-Life+ with the confidence, tools and techniques to enhance their opportunities of successful re-employment. With the emphasis on providing a supportive environment, NewLeaf enables Mid-Life+ individuals to identify and articulate strengths in their employment history, aim for their next job or look for opportunities in a different career, or retraining opportunities. 

For further information visit Bluenovation  

“The backing of Mid-life MOTs is great news. Aviva has been providing Mid-Life MOTs for its own people across the country for three years, including in Norwich. We recognised that our people aged 45-and-over were our fastest growing population by age, and the experience they carried was hugely valuable. By investing in this population, we have seen a double-digit increase in their confidence and their appreciation of Aviva as an employer for all ages. The Mid-Life MOT represents a “win-win”, for employees and employers. As the UK navigates today’s turbulent economic waters, the Mid-Life MOT can be a great support for our growing population of older workers.” Click here for more information about Aviva
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