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New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership currently has two tenders available, please see below for more information: 

  • Help us to design Skills Bootcamps to support your workforce and recruitment
  • Community Renewal Fund: Road to Net Zero Business Support Programme – Net Zero Demonstrator 

Help us to design Skills Bootcamps to support your workforce and recruitment

New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, with Norfolk and Suffolk County Councils, is backing Skills Bootcamps. They are the Government’s new high-profile training and recruitment initiative designed to help your workforce and recruitment needs.

We are looking for input from local employers to establish how Skills Bootcamps may work in our region and we would value your feedback. You can help us to design a local training programme based on industry requirements.

Bootcamps are tailor-made programmes which last from 60 hours to 16 weeks. They can:

• Support the unemployed seeking to gain the skills needed to find work

• Help those looking to retrain

• Benefit your employees who are seeking to upskill and enhance their contribution to your business, helping improve your productivity. 

As a local employer, we want your views and input:  

• To identify recruitment challenges and where they might be supported by an intensive training programme

• To support the design and development of Bootcamps to maximise the benefits to your industry

• To provide support and advice on the key employment requirements of your sector (such as qualification entry requirements and skillsets)

• To identify opportunities for upskilling your current workforce

• To provide job interview opportunities based on your current vacancies

• To support the recruitment of work-ready candidates

Community Renewal Fund: Road to Net Zero Business Support Programme - Net Zero Demonstrator

Invitation to Quote for a pilot project in Norfolk 

The Road to Net Zero Business Support Programme is a pilot initiative designed to pro-actively pivot business support and grants on a net zero future, building business advice expertise, and developing a portfolio of tested interventions which can be rolled out further in future.

The Net Zero Challenge Fund enables the programme to support a small number of flagship projects at 100%.  We are seeking fully costed proposals for activity and/or technology pilots to be carried out between early June and 30th September 2022.  The Challenge Fund is designed to bring innovative/creative ideas and the testing of technologies in the private sector to help solve public sector net zero challenges.  

If you have any questions or queries do not hesitate to get in touch with [email protected] 


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