New Anglia Youth Pledge

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Take the New Anglia Youth Pledge

Our Youth Pledge is supported by public and private sector stakeholders across Norfolk and Suffolk. Together we are committed to improving the life chances of young people in the region. Our vision is that:

“Every young person in Norfolk and Suffolk will have the support they need to get into education, employment, training or an apprenticeship.”

There are many ways your business can support the Youth Pledge. The first is to tell us how you are helping
young people get training or employment by emailing your story to [email protected]. You can also
volunteer to join our Enterprise Adviser Network or get involved in the Intermediary Ambassador Network.

Work Inspiration events

These are an easy way for you to connect with schools, colleges and other industry volunteers. They are free to attend and offer numerous benefits to both students and employers. Our two main events are the Suffolk or Norfolk Skills and Careers festivals.

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Work placements

These enable young people to experience your industry before choosing a career. They are important for personal development. Your organisation may even appreciate their ideas and enthusiasm.

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Special educational needs or disabilities students

These young people can add enormous value and commitment to any organisation. Look for the potential in SEND candidates and you will find enthusiastic, committed and creative employees.

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The Youth Pledge team looks forward to recognising you as a supporter and providing you with further guidance. You will then be able to use the Youth Pledge logo on your business communications. This will highlight your support for young people in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Find out more about supporting the Youth Pledge, please email [email protected].

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