CNTC – NAAME Development Plan

female engineer

This project was awarded funding in March 2020. The project will identify and deliver impact-based interventions aimed at growing and connecting the manufacturing and engineering industry and clusters in the region through the existing NAAME network. The key outputs from the project will be:   A development plan which analyses the economic profile of the […]

TCHC – VG Incubator

hands on a keyboard

This project was awarded funding in March 2020. The VG Incubator is a unique project aimed at helping create game start-ups and expand the game industry, supporting Suffolk residents build sustainable futures for themselves and the local economy. Through this bespoke programme, the project will incubate game entrepreneurs, equipping them with the skills needed to […]

Cultural Tourism 2017-2020

Motor skills with little children

This Project was awarded funding in January 2017. The project is a strategic, evidenced-based approach led by Suffolk County Council to address unmet growth potential of the visitor economy by: 1. A joined up digital offer: developing a fully comprehensive cultural website to be integrated into the Visit East Anglia site and linked to partner […]

Building Supply Chains

Man with winch

This project was awarded funding in March 2019. The project, led by Norfolk County Council, will take an innovative, new approach by empowering SMEs to realise the competitive advantages of operating in the East Coast’s world class energy cluster. It will support SMEs to capitalise on the opportunities being created in the onshore supply chain […]

ORE Catapult

Wind Turbine

This project was awarded funding in March 2019. The Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult, led by the Catapult Network, will create a co-funded regional development manager post. The aim is to support Norfolk and Suffolk achieve its ambition to be a centre for the UK’s clean energy sector. The focus will be offshore wind, (fixed […]

Norfolk & Suffolk Offshore Wind, Competitive Positioning Programme

Wind Turbine

This project was awarded funding in March 2019. The Project, led by Great Yarmouth Borough Council, will establish and provide resources for the developing and deployment of a coherent, co-ordinated and collectively-owned brand/offer/identity to consolidate the target area’s position as a world leader in offshore wind, maximising its visibility to Government/investors and enabling it to […]

Ipswich Cornhill

Cornhill centre

This project was awarded funding in March 2019. Led by Ipswich Central Ltd, the core of this project is a varied and exciting programme of cultural and community events that supports the capital investment in the refurbishment of Ipswich Cornhill last year. Interest from commercial projects that would generate income to enable the scheme to […]

East Anglia Skills Initiative

Students at skills event talking to an advisor

This project was awarded funding in March 2019. Norfolk and Suffolk both host an annual skills and careers event (Norfolk in March and Suffolk in October) led by the respective Agricultural organisations. The duration of the Norfolk event is two days and the Suffolk event is one day. Each event is attended by approx. 5-6,000 […]

NUA Creative Internships

Students being creative

This Project was awarded funding in July 2018 and has since been completed. Funding enabled Norwich University of the Arts to set up and pilot a full-scale trial of an internship scheme benefitting SMEs and micro-businesses in the DCI sector. The interns were ‘loaned’ to the host business for the period of the scheme, returning […]

Growing the Year-round economy

Couple walking past a pub

This project was awarded funding in March 2019. This project led by Visit East of England will: • Build a database that includes every visitor economy-related private sector business and every public sector service; • Develop an online booking solution that retains value and grows out-of-season occupancy; • Develop a ‘white label’ booking mechanic for […]