TCHC – VG Incubator

This project was awarded funding in March 2020.

The VG Incubator is a unique project aimed at helping create game start-ups and expand the game industry, supporting Suffolk residents build sustainable futures for themselves and the local economy. Through this bespoke programme, the project will incubate game entrepreneurs, equipping them with the skills needed to run a game studio and launch their first products on a global market.

All participants will receive first-class accredited enterprise training, providing necessary skills and experience to form and maintain commercially viable businesses. This training will be coupled with mentorship from experienced video game entrepreneurs to enhance understanding on video game development as well as provide opportunities to attend games conferences and tech exhibitions.

The key outputs for this project will be the creation of a minimum of 20 new enterprises based in Suffolk; supporting the growth of the digital/creative sector in the region as well as providing participants with knowledge and skills to operate effectively in this industry, either on an employed or self-employed basis.






80 Participants in the VG Incubator Programme

20 New Technology / IT / Digital Creative businesses supported

30 New Full Time Jobs Created

8 New Part Time Jobs Created

30 Jobs Safeguarded


Match funding attracted -£120,000

Total project spend – £199,912.49

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