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This entails development of a regional hub for engineering, technology and management to provide innovative engineering and business solutions enabling growth and productivity. It will support Norfolk and Suffolk businesses by assisting them to work alongside researchers and students to discover practical solutions to current and future challenges. It will provide a collaborative space where ideas can be explored, designs taken to prototype, and new products and services created.



• Increase graduate engineering skills provision.
• Combine engineering with new technologies, broader sciences and management.
• Develop continuous professional development and lifelong learning provision.
• Share facilities with regional FE students and businesses.
• Build new research collaborations, develop innovation, consultancy and networks.
• Integrate business with education, training, research and innovation.


University of East Anglia Institute of Productivity




• 1,126 sqm of new learning floorspace
• 842 New Student Learners
• 406 New Apprentice Learners
• 41 New jobs within the university
• 165 New jobs within supported businesses

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