Lowestoft Third Crossing Feasibility Study

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Construction is underway on the Gull Wing Bridge in Lowestoft which will provide a much-needed third crossing over Lake Lothing.

Opening in 2023, the Gull Wing will reduce traffic congestion in the town, regenerate the area and attract new investment for the local economy.

The project reached a major milestone in March 2022 with the arrival of the first major steel section, the 55-metre Northern Approach Viaduct, which was towed in on barge after crossing the North Sea from Belgium.

A feasibility study on the options of a third crossing resulted in the announcement of £70m Government funding for the scheme in the 2016 Budget. New Anglia LEP contributed £2m towards the study form its Growth Deal with Government.

The Department for Transport formally approved the bridge in April 2020. Suffolk County Council gave its unanimous approval several months later and agreed to borrow funds to cover the costs, which had increased from £91m to around £126.75m.



Lowestoft Third Crossing Feasibility Study




£70m Government funding for the scheme

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