Honingham Thorpe Food Enterprise Park

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Initial off and on-site works to provide infrastructure so the Food Enterprise Park (FEP) can be accessed by roads of adoptable standard and receive services necessary for commercial development. The total project cost is £2.535 million and the first phase of development is to be completed by 2023.

A second phase of development is expected to deliver:

• 50,000 sqm of new commercial floorspace.
• Introduce a further 7 businesses to the FEP.
• Support a further 1,451 FTE jobs at the FEP.


Honingham Thorpe Food Enterprise Park




• Services to 16.5 hectares of land.
• 50,000 sqm of commercial floorspace.
• 8 businesses new to the FEP.
• 1,315 FTE jobs new to the FEP.

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