Bury St Edmunds Sustainable Transport Package

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A package of measures to improve walking and cycling facilities in Bury St Edmunds. The project was completed in May 2018.


– Improved junction and footpath access from the train station into town (Tayfen Road/Out Northgate/Northgate/Compiegne Way junction).
– Parkway ring road junction improvements for cyclists and pedestrians (Parkway/Cullum Rd/Westgate and Out Westgate junction).
– Moreton Hall to town centre improved cycle, pedestrian and bus links (Vinery Road/Horringer Road/Out Westgate/Petticoat Lane junction).


Bury St Edmunds Sustainable Transport Package




– Supports the development of 5,740 homes
– Supports the development of 28 hectares of employment land
– Encourages the use of sustainable transport

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