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Look Sideways-East is a cultural tourism initiative which aims to ‘establish Norfolk and Suffolk as ‘must-see’ destinations’ (GFA application, 2014) and ‘to build audiences, visitors and customers for cultural venues in Norfolk and Suffolk, specifically ‘cultural tourists’’ (Audience Development Plan, GFA, 2014).

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Cultural Tourism




– To increase the number of people at specific cultural venues or events travelling more than a 30 minute drive-time, by 10% per annum and to increase the number of people at specific cultural venues or events travelling more than 1 hour by 5% per annum

– To support the tourism sector in its aim to increase the value of the overall visitor economy by over 5% per annum

– To increase overall attendance at the participating cultural venues and events by at least 10% over the course of the project

– To increase the numbers of people visiting Norfolk and Suffolk who state that the cultural destination was the primary reason for their visit to the area

– To raise awareness and improve perceptions of the cultural destinations of Norfolk and Suffolk over the course of the project and to encourage and consolidate repeat attendances of current cultural tourists aiming to increase the length of their stay and the quality of their experience

– To demonstrate that the cultural tourists report their experience to be one of quality and satisfaction

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