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We will support you to identify the staff competencies and capabilities needed to fully capitalise on opportunities resulting from specific investment and large-scale infrastructure projects happening across Norfolk and Suffolk.

Project specifics:

Offer a 50% training grant, with the other 50% to be matched by the employer. There is no limit on how much grant can be applied for, all applications are judged individually.

Our target is to support and upskill up to 1,376 employees The project will run from 1 June 2021 with last applications required by November 2023.


The Supply Chain Skills Development Fund will help employers to identify skills gaps within the organisation to increase competitiveness and explore opportunities.

SCSDF will help

Increase the skill levels of employed people, to encourage progression in employment.
Increase the number of people with technical and job specific skills, particularly at level 3 and above to support your business growth.
Increase the skills levels of employed women to encourage progression in employment and help address the gender and employment wage gap

The Supply Chain Skills Development Fund will work with Colleges and Training Providers to:

Ensure appropriate training courses are available to meet the needs and demands of your business.
Ensure training meets the individual needs of your employees to meet your ambitions for future growth.
To support collaboration between local providers to bring forward additional investment and innovate solutions to meet identified training gaps.

For more information please email [email protected] 

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