BLOG: Turning our economic strategy into action

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Lisa Roberts, Head of Strategy, outlines the next steps for the Economic Strategy for Norfolk and Suffolk:

“The New Year marks an exciting point for us – it’s now that we produce the implementation and delivery plans which will outline how we’re going to achieve the targets set out in the new Economic Strategy for Norfolk and Suffolk.

So how do we start identifying the priority actions and activities which will deliver new jobs, new businesses and improved skill levels?

Well the key to success is definitely partnership. We’ve worked with public and private sector partners throughout the development of the strategy and we’ve now asked them to start feeding back on their current activities so we can pull together a comprehensive ‘map’ of what’s currently under way. They’re telling us what they deliver at the moment under each of the priority themes and how they measure the success of these activities. This will form the starting point for our delivery plans – we need to identify both best practice and gaps to work out where the interventions need to be made.

Now we’re also really keen to hear from you so that your activities and plans can form part of this work – after all, its local businesses which will create new jobs and growth.

Hundreds of you joined us at events in the summer to feed into the development of the strategy and now we’d like you to spare a little time to help us at this stage too.

We’re hosting events across Norfolk and Suffolk in January and February where you’ll be able to feed into our delivery plans and meet our team. We look forward to seeing you and thank you all for your support so far.”

To book a free place at one of our consultation events, click here. Alternatively, you can feed into our delivery plans through an online survey by clicking here.

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