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We have a large and diverse construction and development sector, with emerging specialisation in Passivhaus and sustainable design.

Norfolk and Suffolk’s strong economy and attractive location for housing has driven economic success in the construction and development sector. The area has significant levels of employment across all construction-related industries. The sector also has an emerging specialism in Passivhaus and sustainable design. The sector employs approximately 70,000 people, supporting over 10,000 businesses.

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Building Growth works to drive sustainable economic growth in the construction and development industry. The sector group brings together a wide range of committed businesses and organisations including builders, architects and local authorities.
The group works to:

• To create a forum in which construction and development industry stakeholders drive the delivery of sustainable economic growth
• Working in a unique partnership to collaborate openly and to be innovative in finding solutions which unlock growth and opportunity
• Develop ideas which positively influence and shape policy

You can watch the Building Growth virtual meeting held on 14 October 2020 via YouTube.

You can contact the group by emailing:

Saul Humphrey
Chair of Building Growth and Partner of Saul D Humphrey LLP
[email protected]

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