Apply for Youth Pledge Marque to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week

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It’s National Apprenticeship Week, so why not find out if your business could hold the New Anglia Youth Pledge Marque?

If your business employs apprentices, offers work experience or works with schools and colleges through the Enterprise Adviser network, then your business could be eligible to hold our Youth Pledge Marque! The Marque is our way of highlighting businesses who do their part to develop the workforce of the future.

This ties in to the theme of this year’s National Apprenticeship Week, which is ‘Apprenticeships Work’. It’s about how apprenticeships can work for the individual, the employee, the community and the economy, which is a message that many of our Youth Pledge Marque holders have proudly shared.

One of our holders, Norwich Business Improvement District (BID), believes that employing apprentices brings a fresh approach to the team.

Stefan Gurney, Executive Director of Norwich BID said, “As a business we feel there are great benefits to employing apprentices and would strongly urge other businesses to do the same and secure the Youth Pledge Marque.  As we are a small team, our Apprentices are exposed to all areas of business, which aids their skills development.  Apprentices bring a fresh vision and enthusiasm to learn, whilst bringing a new and different perspective to projects we undertake.”

To learn more about the Marque and how to apply, visit here.

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