New Anglia Youth Pledge Marque


The New Anglia Youth Pledge Marque is awarded to businesses who are committed to supporting the future workforce. The logos of current Youth Pledge Marque holders can be seen above. Click here for guidance on funding and support.

The marque will be given to businesses who can make a pledge in one or more of the following areas:

  • Apprenticeships– a pledge to increase the number of apprenticeships offered in the next 12 months or to continue to employ apprentices at a ratio of 2% of your workforce
  • Work Experience– a pledge to increase the number of work experience placements offered in the next 12 months or to continue to offer at least one work experience placement per year per 25 employees
  • New Anglia Enterprise Adviser Network– a pledge that one or more employees will become, or continue to be, involved in the Enterprise Adviser Network, where senior business leaders work with schools and colleges to ensure strong links with their local business community and industry sectors.

The Marque is free, and gives businesses the chance to publicly demonstrate their commitment and encourage other employers to do the same.

The Youth Pledge Marque was set up by New Anglia LEP, working with Suffolk and Norfolk County Councils and the Department for Work and Pensions.,

How to become a Youth Pledge Marque holder

Application for the Youth Pledge Marque is a free and simple process. Simply fill out and submit the online application form. You will receive confirmation by email of your application along with some supporting advice and guidance. For more information or if you have any questions, email

Help and Support

Click here for more information on support, advice and funding available to help your business become a Youth Pledge Marque holder.


Case Study: Ipswich Building Society

“Ipswich Building Society has long been supporting young people into employment through offering work experience placements, internships and apprenticeships. We believe this is our duty both as a responsible business and also to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Society. I urge other businesses to sign up to the New Anglia Pledge Marque and to recognise the resources available within our county.”

-Richard Norrington, Chief Executive of Ipswich Building Society


Richard Norrington Interior small