UK-first sandscaping project completed on Norfolk coast

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An innovative sandscaping project to protect homes, businesses and the Bacton gas terminal has been completed.

The scheme saw 1.8million cubic metres of sand placed and engineered along the beaches in front of Bacton gas terminal and Bacton and Walcott villages.

The improved beaches are designed to provide robust protection for the gas terminal for approximately 20 years, while extending the life of the village defences.

The work, supported by £1.08million from New Anglia LEP’s Growth Deal, took place during summer 2019.

Sand was dredged in licenced areas offshore and transported by ship to Bacton and Walcott. The sand was pumped through metal pipes to the beach and positioned by six-metre wide bulldozers working 24 hours a day. At the fastest pace, 240 metres of new beach was completed each day.

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