Eastern Forklift Trucks – Lightening the Load

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Eastern Forklift Trucks – Grant of £25,000 to help build a new forklift truck driver training facility and workshop

Grant for construction

Paul Brierley, the Managing Director of Eastern Forklift Trucks (pictured below), is delighted. “We wanted to train people in a safe area. Building this banging centre has allowed us to do this and run more courses.”

A grant, secured through the New Anglia Growth Hub, which helped fund the construction of the training and workshop centre, has led to the expansion of the forklift truck business. As a result, Paul has been able to hire two new driver trainers and an engineer.

The New Anglia Growth Hub working closely with the company. They identified the opportunity to apply for the Small Grants Scheme and helped Paul through the process which, though straightforward, helped to lighten the load. The result? £25,000 was successfully secured.

Everything forklift

Eastern Forklift Trucks does everything forklift. They hire new and used forklifts; sell new and used forklifts, do forklift repairs and, of course, provide forklift driver training.

The multi-award winning company was started by Paul in 2012. Having been employed in the industry he re-mortgaged his house, got a loan from Natwest and never looked back.
Businesses across the region, from the Port of Felixstowe, to the home department store Glasswells, use Eastern Forklift Trucks, to help them with the heavy lifting.

Massive help

Paul is full of praise for the Growth Hub. “I’d say definitely contact New Anglia Growth Hub. They’ve been a massive help to us in growing our business. We’d never have been able to scale up our business in such a short time without their help. We’re really grateful.”

The Growth Hub has a reputation for providing outstanding customer service, as does Eastern Forklift Trucks. “Our customers are so important to us,” says Paul. “There’s no call centre. A real person answers the phone. A real person comes and sees you and recommends the right product.”

Double business size

With a focus on happy customers, Paul’s ambition is to double the size of the business in the next 10 years. So, he will be staying in close touch with the New Anglia Growth Hub, for guidance and, as Paul might well say, keep on building a banging business.

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