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Norwich City Council and UEA are working with a range of partners to set up a Norwich Inclusive Economy 2040 Commission, as part of the Norwich 2040 City Vision.

The Commission will use data and research, alongside stakeholder and public views, to open up thinking about what the economy of Norwich is, how it is changing, and how Norwich City Council and its partners might intervene in new ways to ensure the benefit from the economy is shared by all.

UEA researchers have carried out an initial baseline review of the local economy, incorporating views from a range of organisations, which will inform the Commission once it is established. Norwich City Council and UEA are working with partners to define the scope and terms of reference of the Commission, which it is hoped will be established by early 2020.

Commission partners will explore key issues and opportunities for the Norwich economy and identify ways in which it could be more inclusive, carrying out further research and engagement, developing pilot projects and looking for funding to deliver projects developed by the partnership.


The Commission will:
• Identify and raise awareness about key issues affecting the Norwich economy and how residents participate in and benefit from it
• Carry out further research or deliver pilot projects to test possible ways of addressing local issues
• Make recommendations for longer-term action to ensure that the benefits of Norwich’s economy are shared by all

The impact

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