Students’ IT skills help launch Building Growth website

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Computing students from City College Norwich have risen to the challenge of creating a website for an external client, from an entirely different sector, by designing the new Building Growth website for New Anglia LEP.

The joint project has given New Anglia LEP’s Building Growth Sector Group an up-to-date and effective new site through which to champion the construction and built environment sector in Norfolk and Suffolk.

The students, who are all on the college’s Level 3 Information Technology and Computing course, benefitted from learning and applying new skills in web design.  They also gained invaluable experience of working collaboratively with a client to build a site that met the brief and was delivered on time.

Two of the Information Technology and Computing students involved, Brenden Carman and Charlotte, reflected on some of the things they had gained from the experience:

Brenden Carman, 17, from Diss, said “It’s different to what we are used to with our assignments, because the client was very specific on what they wanted to be done.  It’s a good life experience, just to be able to get that skill and have it under your belt that you’ve worked for a client.  We know what to expect from clients now.  We’re going to be more used to having to change certain things in response to feedback.”

Charlotte Sams, 21, from Wymondham, added “It was a new experience.  It was nice to learn new things and have a brief that somebody wants you to do and create something from that brief.  I did feel a bit nervous because it was for a company, but I think that encouraged me because I really wanted to make it really good and outstanding for them.  I am very pleased with the website.”

Chris MacDonald, Morgan Sindall’s Assistant Project Manager, who leads on innovation for Building Growth, commented “The website is a gateway to Building Growth and who we are for the wider world, so it’s absolutely crucial for us.  What we were looking for from the students was something engaging for people who don’t know what Building Growth is about, enables them to link in with what we do, download documents, customised around our need.  We’re extremely delighted with what the students have achieved.”

Chris Starkie, Chief Executive of New Anglia LEP, said “The work the students have done to build this site is great – it’s been a valuable experience for them and has delivered a website which promotes this important sector.”

To learn more about Building Growth, click here.

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