The Information Sharing Agreement for the Supply Chain database can be found here.

Terms and conditions for the Supply Chain Database are as

I agree to abide by my own organisation’s
regulations governing the use of computing facilities.

I agree to abide by the current codes of
practice relating to the use of administrative data and my responsibility to
comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) and Data
Protection Act 2018.

I agree to follow and regularly review the best
practice guidelines produced by my organisation’s Information Security section.

I agree to abide by the New Anglia LEP SCMS
System Information Sharing Agreement.

I understand the SCMS System has an audit trail
of the records, so my activity may be recorded.

I understand that the access I will be assigned
is for my personal use only and that I should not allow anyone else to access
the SCMS system using my credentials. (You are reminded that you are
responsible for any processing carried out under your user name.)

I will inform the New Anglia SCMS Management
team in writing if I no longer require access to the SCMS system.

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