Our Team

The New Anglia LEP team is responsible for the day to day running of the Local Enterprise Partnership. This includes supporting the New Anglia board, delivering its strategy, liaising with Government, identifying activities to support jobs growth, securing funding and engaging with the business community.

The Registers of Interests for our Leadership Team can be found beneath their biographies below.


Chris Starkie

Chief Executive

Chris is responsible for the day to day running and development of the Local Enterprise Partnership. Working closely with the Board, Chris guides the strategic direction of the LEP, ensuring it retains its focus on creating jobs and removing the barriers to economic growth. Chris enables New Anglia businesses to have a voice at the highest possible level, by representing them at Westminster and liaising with key influencers on the topics that are important for our region.

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Email: chris.starkie@newanglia.co.uk Tel: 01603 510070

Helen Wilton1

Helen Wilton

PA to Chief Executive

Helen is the first point of contact for all general enquiries to New Anglia, ensuring that callers are directed to the most appropriate member of the team. She is also responsible for supporting the chief executive with his day to day work; enabling him to focus on his strategic role supporting Norfolk and Suffolk businesses. Helen also provides secretariat for the LEP board of directors.

Email: helen.wilton@newanglia.co.uk Tel: 01603 510070

R Wijnberg 1

Rosanne Wijnberg

Chief Operating Officer

Working in conjunction with the Chief Executive and the Board, Rosanne provides the LEP's operational leadership. She oversees the day-to-day running of the LEP across two offices in Norwich and Ipswich, ensuring employees are engaged and motivated to perform at their peak, as well as taking a lead in managing projects funded by the LEP.

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Email: rosanne.wijnberg@newanglia.co.uk

Strategy Team


Lisa Roberts

Head of Strategy

As Head of Strategy and deputy to Chris, Lisa manages the LEP team responsible for development and implementation of the Economic Strategy for Norfolk and Suffolk, EU Structural and Investment Fund and engagement with stakeholders locally and nationally.

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Email: lisa.roberts@newanglia.co.uk Mobile: 07584 082651


Marie Finbow

Strategy Manager

Marie’s role is to work with partners on implementation of the Economic Strategy for Norfolk and Suffolk and in developing and implementing the local Industrial Strategy.  She is also responsible for managing the LEP’s Operational Plan and the Strategic Risk Register.

Marie also supports the Great Eastern Mainline Task Force.

Email: marie.finbow@newanglia.co.uk Mobile: 07788 280214

Ellen Goodwin Small

Ellen Goodwin

Infrastructure Manager

Ellen is responsible for developing and implementing the LEP’s infrastructure strategies and plans around housing, transport, digital, utilities and flood defences.  She oversees and supports the work of the LEP’s Infrastructure Boards and their associated infrastructure projects and programmes.

Email: ellen.goodwin@newanglia.co.uk Mobile: 07384 258662

James Allen – Right (2)

James Allen

Growth Manager

James is responsible for supporting the implementation of the new Economic Strategy, assisting in the development of the Local Industrial Strategy, leading on inclusive growth, engaging with the voluntary and community sector and co-ordinating business intelligence.

Email: james.allen@newanglia.co.uk Mobile: 07392 091336

Natasha Waller right

Natasha Waller

Skills Manager

Natasha’s role is to lead the continuous development and implementation of the LEP’s work around skills, working closely with the New Anglia Skills Board and the Local Authority skills teams. Her work includes managing the LEP’s Enterprise Adviser Network contract, supporting the development and implementation of Skills Deals and projects for the Capital Growth programme, coordinating the implementation of sector skills plans and engaging with stakeholders on a regional and national basis.

Email: natasha.waller@newanglia.co.uk Mobile: 07384 253355

Programmes Team


Chris Dashper

Head of Programmes

Chris manages the LEP team responsible for the commissioning and delivery of projects which support the goals and ambitions of the LEP. Projects and programmes include the Growing Places Fund and the Growing Business Fund and business support activity including the New Anglia Growth Hub. The role incorporates the development of future projects, assessing demand and identifying suitable funding sources to take projects and programmes forward.

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Email: chris.dashper@newanglia.co.uk Mobile: 07788 259141

Jason Middleton left-min

Jason Middleton

Programmes Manager

Jason is responsible for the design, development and management of the LEP’s business support programmes, including the Growth Hub, Growing Business Fund, Small Grant Scheme and Start-Up Programme. Working across the LEP and with a wide range of partners, his role is to contract manage the LEP’s business facing support, ensuring it provides businesses with the support they need to develop and grow. Jason is also the LEP’s lead on State Aid and programme performance reporting.

To see Jason's Register of Interests, click here.

Email: jason.middleton@newanglia.co.uk Tel: 01603 510078 Mobile: 07818 454134


Iain Dunnett

Senior Growing Places Fund Coordinator

Iain is the first point of contact for Growing Places Fund applicants. He promotes the programme and helps to identify suitable and innovative projects that could benefit from the fund. Iain also provides support, advice and guidance on other funding sources and options. Iain is also the LEP lead on the Green Economy Partnership.

Email: iain.dunnett@newanglia.co.uk Mobile: 07780 434930


Nataliya Klymko

Growth Programme Coordinator

Nataliya’s main focus is to support and ensure the successful delivery of the ERDF funded New Anglia Business Growth Programme, which is being delivered with key partners. She supports the Programmes Manager to oversees the Growth Programme’s business support schemes - New Anglia Growth Hub, providing 1:2:1 business support and signposting businesses to available business support services, Small Grant Scheme, providing grants to local SMEs, and Start-Up Programme providing support to individuals and early stage businesses.

To see Nataliya's Register of Interests, click here.

Email: nataliya.klymko@newanglia.co.uk Tel: 01603 510073 Mobile: 07769 213079

Fran Rice

Fran Rice

Growth Programme Finance and Compliance Officer

Fran’s main role is to administer the Finance and Compliance issue relating to the ERDF funded New Anglia Business Growth Programme, both internally with the LEP and with key partners. Working closely with the Business Growth Programme Coordinator and support the Programme Manager in the delivery of the programme.

Email: francess.rice@newanglia.co.uk Tel: 01603 510086 Mobile: 07393 148322

Rosemary Joy1

Rose Joy

Growth Programme Administrator

Rose’s role is to provide administrative support to the ERDF funded New Anglia Business Growth Programme, to ensure the successful delivery of the programme.  Arrange and service the Business Growth Programme Partnership Board, Operational Group and Small Grant Scheme Panel,  including planning and organising meetings, minute taking and general administrative support.

Email: rosemary.joy@newanglia.co.uk Tel: 01603 510085


Julie West

Programmes Coordinator

Julie’s role is to coordinate the implementation of a range of LEP business support programmes including the Growing Business Fund, Oil and Gas Support Scheme, Eastern Agritech Initiative and to support the Programmes Manager in the review of existing programmes and development of new programmes.

To see Julie's Register of Interests, click here.

Email: julie.west@newanglia.co.uk Tel: 07808 060940


Barry Henson

Programme Manager, Growth Grants & Loans

Barry’s role centres on the day to day management of some of the LEP’s key growth initiatives and also includes monitoring of the delivery arrangements for the Growth Programme, encompassing the Growth Hub and other business support programmes managed by external partners. Managing a Casework Team, the work involves completion of approval documentation and drawdown of funding, subsequent control and monitoring of grants and loans, and collating key growth statistics.

Email: barry.henson@newanglia.co.uk Tel: 07769 215387

Jonathan Rudd Alt-min

Jonathan Rudd

Growth Deal Manager

Jonathan coordinates delivery of Growth Deal capital projects as part the LEP’s economic strategy for Norfolk and Suffolk. He works with delivery partners in developing transport and infrastructure, innovation and enterprise sites, further education and skills based learning facilities. Jonathan previously worked on the Growing Business Fund.

For any queries regarding Growth Deal projects that have been allocated funding contact Jonathan at Email: jonathan.rudd@newanglia.co.uk  Tel: 07384 252312

Hannah Smith, Business Manager at Anglia Capital Group

Hannah Smith

Investment Adviser

Hannah’s role is to oversee the investments through New Anglia Capital, which is a new co-investment fund where businesses and entrepreneurs can pitch to angel investors for 50% of the risk capital to kick-start new products and launch innovative ideas.

Email: hannah.smith@newanglia.co.uk Tel: 01603 673 610 Mobile: 07393 765 024

Mike Dowdall SMALL

Mike Dowdall

Development Adviser

Mike provides technical project advice to partners and the New Anglia LEP team on the roll out of Enterprise Zones across Norfolk and Suffolk. He is an experienced project manager with detailed knowledge of site / building development and planning in the Norfolk and Suffolk area.

Email: mike.dowdall@newanglia.co.uk Mobile: 07392 081377


Tanya Nelson

EZ Accelerator Fund Coordinator

Tanya is responsible for coordinating delivery of the Enterprise Zone Accelerator Fund (EZAF) and the Innovation Projects call. The EZ Accelerator Fund will bring forward development of our Enterprise Zones by investing in new buildings and facilities jointly with our local authority partners. The Innovation Projects call focuses investment in innovative projects that support the delivery of the themes and activities identified in the Economic Strategy.

Email: tanya.nelson@newanglia.co.uk Tel: 07384 254 836


Michael Sargent

Growth Programme Compliance Assistant

Michael’s role is to assist the Growth Programme Finance and Compliance Officer in the administration of Finance and Compliance issues relating to the ERDF funded New Anglia Business Growth Programme. His main responsibilities lie in the compilation and submission of Summative Assessment and in monitoring and evidencing financial claims relating to asset finance.

Email: michael.sargent@newanglia.co.uk Tel: 01603 510 088


Ian Murphy

CRM Assistant

Ian is responsible for the maintenance of the CRM records, ensuring that CRM users comply with GDPR and Data Sharing agreements, development of the CRM system, working with delivery partner and Local Authorities to ensure that business records meet the requirements of the LEP and Government departments and supporting the Programmes Manager and the Growth Programme Coordinator.

Email: ian.murphy@newanglia.co.uk 

Enterprise Zones and Innovation Team

Julian Munson1

Julian Munson

Head of Enterprise Zones and Innovation

Julian leads the team responsible for the Enterprise Zones across Norfolk and Suffolk, ensuring a proactive and effective Enterprise Zone strategy. He is also responsible for working with the Innovation Board to further develop the innovation strategy. Julian is also responsible for the inward investment strategy to ensure the counties are promoted successfully both nationally and internationally.

To see Julian's Register of Interests, click here.

Email: julian.munson@newanglia.co.uk Tel: 01603 510072 Mobile: 07392 087166


Eunice Edwards

Enterprise Zone Manager

Eunice works with partners in the development & delivery of the 16 Enterprise Zones sites across Norfolk and Suffolk. Eunice actively promotes the benefits of the Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft Enterprise Zone and Space to Innovate Enterprise Zone  to businesses in the East. For businesses that have decided to move in to the Enterprise Zone, Eunice helps them to access other areas of business support & funding.

Email: eunice.edwards@newanglia.co.uk Tel: 07808 647203

Jennifer McConnell

Jennifer McConnell

Enterprise Zone Coordinator

Jen’s role is to promote and support the ten new sites in the Space to Innovate Enterprise Zone established in April 2016.  These include the Nar Ouse Business Park in King’s Lynn and Scottow Enterprise Park at the ex-RAF Coltishall. Jen promotes the benefits of basing your business in an EZ to companies throughout the New Anglia region and beyond and helps them to access other areas of support.

Email: jennifer.mcconnell@newanglia.co.uk Tel: 01603 510084 Mobile: 07392 091 365

Cathy Frost2

Cathy Frost

Ipswich Vision Coordinator

Cathy is responsible for coordinating the activities of the Ipswich Vision partnership, which is supported by New Anglia LEP. The Ipswich Vision partnership exists to drive growth and regeneration in Ipswich town centre, and the partners are delivering schemes under the themes of Better Transport, Improving Public Spaces and Public Buildings, Better Shopping and Regeneration.

Email: cathy.frost@newanglia.co.uk Mobile: 07780 335490

nicole zzoom

Nicole Kritzinger

Inward Investment Manager

Nicole's job is to develop and lead on new strategic and operational activity to promote and target inward investment opportunities, working with key stakeholders, to drive new business investment and expansion within the East, as well as to deliver specific objectives and outcomes of the Invest East project.

Email: nicole.kritzinger@newanglia.co.uk Tel: 01603 510080 Mobile: 07384 252569


Madeleine Coupe

Innovation and Sector Manager

Madeleine’s role is to work with New Anglia LEP’s Sector Groups to provide coordination, support and alignment with the LEP’s growth priorities. Madeleine works with group members to help grow jobs, consider ways to remove barriers to growth, and explore opportunities for cross sector innovation.

Madeleine supports the Sector Groups with communication and engagement, helping them to access business support, funding and PR opportunities.

Email: madeleine.coupe@newanglia.co.uk Tel: 01603 510081 Mobile: 07464 544616

Linn Clabburn SMALL

Linn Clabburn

Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor Programme Director

Linn is responsible for the development and management of the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor project. The Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor is a partnership between councils, New Anglia LEP and the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority to drive and support economic growth in a number of key sectors.

Email: linn.clabburn@newanglia.co.uk Mobile: 07766 886273


Penny Bartram

Head of Marketing, Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor

Penny is responsible for the strategy development and management of the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor’s brand building, marketing, events and promotional activities, with the aim of positioning the Corridor as a desirable location for inward investment and high growth businesses.

Email: penny.bartram@newanglia.co.uk Mobile: 07384 112338


Matthew Gooding

Marketing Manager Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor

Matthew is responsible for producing and maintaining content for the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor’s marketing channels, as well co-ordinating events and other promotional activities to raise the profile of the Tech Corridor and encourage investment by high-growth tech businesses.

Email: matthew.gooding@newanglia.co.uk Mobile: 07384 469808

Communications Team

Lesley van Dijk head and shoulders

Lesley van Dijk

Head of Communications & Engagement

Lesley’s role is to develop, plan and implement New Anglia LEP’s internal and external communications strategy, including PR and marketing, the LEP website, events and relationships with local and national stakeholders.

To see Lesley's Register of Interests, click here.

Email: lesley.vandijk@newanglia.co.uk Tel: 01603 510076


Julia Corfield

Events & Communications Coordinator

Julia’s role as an events coordinator is to organise and run a number of events for New Anglia LEP and with partner organisations. One of the key aspects of her work is taking the lead on the project for ‘The East’ stand at the country's largest property investment show, MIPIM UK.

Email: julia.corfield@newanglia.co.uk  Tel: 01603 510087 Mob: 07384 468982

Operations Team


Keith Spanton

Financial Controller

Keith is responsible for the overall financial management and compliance of the LEP. As Financial Controller, Keith manages the LEP’s annual budget, growth deal profiling and oversees the finances of the ERDF programme. He also produces the annual statutory accounts. Keith manages the relationship with the LEP’s accountable body and reports on the LEP’s capital programme funds.

To see Keith's Register of Interests, click here.

Email keith.spanton@newanglia.co.uk Tel: 01603 510082

Lisa Roll Sq

Lisa Roll

Finance Assistant

Lisa’s role is to work with the Financial Controller, providing support to enable him to focus on the LEP’s overall financial position. She produces monthly management accounts and carries out day to day accounts responsibilities. She also works on finance project work as required.

Email: accounts@newanglia.co.uk Tel: 01603 510083

Norwich Opportunity Area

Jacqueline Bircham1

Jacqueline Bircham

Norwich Opportunity Area Programme Director

Jacqueline manages the Department for Education Opportunity Area project, which aims to improve social mobility for young people in Norwich.  The project’s focus is to work with partners and stakeholders in the Norwich city area to drive improvements in early years, school quality and attainment, increasing access to post-16 education and higher education, and increased aspiration and access to career education for young people.

Email: jacqueline.bircham@newanglia.co.uk Tel: 01603 510074
Mobile: 07795 199609


Claire Sparrow

Norwich Opportunity Area Programme Coordinator

Claire coordinates delivery of the Norwich Opportunity Area project, which aims to improve social mobility for young people in Norwich.
She supports the Programme Director providing administrative support to the Opportunity Area Partnership Board and working groups. Her role is to respond to enquiries from schools and wider stakeholders, coordinate meetings and events, create and distribute newsletters, update social media and any other general support needed to ensure the successful delivery of the project.

Email: claire.sparrow@newanglia.co.uk Tel: 01603 510074


Katie White

Norwich Opportunity Area Programme Manager

Katie works closely with the Programme Director to have oversight of the Department for Education Opportunity Area project, which aims to improve social mobility for young people in Norwich. Katie leads projects that aim to increase aspiration and ensure young people get the information and support they need to move successfully between school, college, university and into work.

Email: katie.white@newanglia.co.uk Tel: 07384 117147