New Anglia Capital

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New Anglia Capital is a co-investment fund aiming to stimulate entrepreneurship across Norfolk and Suffolk, with £2million of funding from New Anglia LEP.

The fund brings businesses and “angel investors” together to kick-start new products and innovative ideas into thriving new businesses, as well as support existing high-growth companies.

Anglia Capital Group has been selected by New Anglia LEP as the investment facilitation partner to the co-investment fund: angel investors would invest 50% of the risk capital in the successful businesses, with New Anglia Capital providing the remaining 50%. The aim is to encourage economic development by job creation in early-stage businesses with high-potential in key sectors where there is strength in the region: e.g. engineering, life sciences, agri-tech, health, energy, communications and digital.

Entrepreneurs in Norfolk and Suffolk seeking start-up and early growth stage investment capital for their businesses should apply via the Anglia Capital Group website by clicking here.


Case Study: PBD Biotech

"This investment from New Anglia Capital, and other investors, has enabled us to take the next-step in getting the Actiphage technology into international markets. It has accelerated the company’s timeline, meaning we’re about six months ahead of where we were expecting to be. We now have a number of commercial opportunities all over the world that are ready to go. For an early-stage company this is an exciting position to be in."

-Dr Berwyn Clarke, CEO of PBD Biotech

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