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T Levels are an alternative to A levels, apprenticeships and other 16 to 19 courses. Equivalent in size to 3 A levels, a T Level focuses on vocational skills and can help students into skilled employment, higher study or apprenticeships. Here, Adon Hardy from Thorpe St Andrew School And Sixth Form writes about his T Level Placement with Norwich business Eastern Voice & Data.

Hi, my name is Adon and I am currently studying the T Level Digital Production, Design and Development at Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form, which I started in September 2021. After a few months of studying this course I am very happy that I chose to do it and it will be perfect for my future career in cyber security.

So why did I choose this course out of all the other options? This T Level course consists of so much covering every side of digital technology from the coding, ethics, legislation and the experience, which I will talk about later. Ever since I was young I was interested in technology starting from when I first played Xbox. Then in primary school and high school I loved using the computers, which led me to picking IT and Computer Science at GCSE.

The main motive for me choosing this course was the opportunity to complete 315 hours of industry placement. I have been on placement now at Eastern Voice & Data for five weeks and wow have I learnt so much already. Eastern Voice & Data is a networking company which offers support and systems to customers.

On my first day I didn’t really know what to expect when coming into this placement. Firstly, I had to get there which meant I had to get two buses and find where to go. However, when I first arrived I was gladly introduced by everyone and was welcomed to join them. Soon enough I was set up and guided on how to set up a network and also taught how to use some of the software. The skills and content I learnt at school helped when on placement. It is great to be able to apply what I have learnt in school in the real world of work.

I have been able to develop my skills through being on placement including communication, problem solving and teamwork skills. These skills are transferable and will help me in my career in the future. Being able to watch and get involved in digital is very satisfying from figuring out a problem to completing your first support ticket.

Currently being five weeks in, I have settled in well and am very happy with the placement but can’t wait to learn more and gain more skills for the future.

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