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T Levels are an alternative to A levels, apprenticeships and other 16 to 19 courses. Equivalent in size to 3 A levels, a T Level focuses on vocational skills and can help students into skilled employment, higher study or apprenticeships. Here is the second part of a blog from Thorpe St Andrew School And Sixth Form student Adon Hardy about his T Level Placement with Norwich business Eastern Voice & Data.

I have now been studying the Digital T Level Course for almost a year and have just finished the core assessments for the course and completed my first block week. I have also recently had a whole week of placement at Eastern Voice & Data. It was an extremely enjoyable and informative experience that really helped me to hone the skills I have already begun to learn this year, and also get a better understanding of what working in the digital industry is like.

Over the week I took part in many different tasks and encountered numerous problems to solve. I completed support tickets for customers which required me to call customers, and this helped me immensely with improving my communication skills. I also got to make use of remote software to make the necessary changes when required.

I created network maps for different companies using specialised software. I also produced a tutorial on how to use specialised software for customers which enables them to access help when using the service. When I came across a problem, I initially tried to solve it myself by searching the internet. However, I had a wonderful team around me that were more than happy to explain how to solve the problem and then explain where it would be used.

Having a week in placement has definitely helped me learn the additional skills needed to solve problems that may come up in the future and complete tasks within the workplace. My confidence within the workplace has grown. The whole team made me feel so comfortable and really took the time to help and guide me.

I have become more independent and confident in doing the work set for me. My problem-solving skills have improved since I started, which has helped greatly when I come up against a task that needs solving. Being on placement for a whole week has also helped me connect with the other employees at Eastern Voice & Data and gain a broader understanding of what their roles and careers are like and how they initially got into the industry. I have found out that most people start from apprenticeships and work their way up, which is what I am hoping to do after sixth form.

Since beginning my placement in January, I feel that I have become more like the other employees instead of being a student. I have been able to become more independent in doing more on my own work, requiring less help from others but also picking up more responsibilities, such as answering the phone. My confidence in answering support phone calls is something that I have particularly developed since starting placement.

I have now started working in school on the Occupational Specialist part of my course which is focussed on web development. I will continue my placement with Eastern Voice & Data throughout Year 13. This will set me up with the skills and experience I need to be able to apply for a digital-related apprenticeship.

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