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Check in with your favourite local businesses and make sure they don’t miss out on grants available to them – that’s the message behind the Big Small Business Check-In on Tuesday 28th April.

The initiative, supported by New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, encourages everyone to check in with local small businesses, through their websites and social media accounts. It’s an opportunity to check that owners and staff are safe and well, to show loyalty and to make sure that the business is getting the support it needs.

Chris Starkie, Chief Executive of New Anglia LEP, said: “This is a really challenging time for small businesses but there is help available – including grants for small businesses and hospitality, retail and leisure firms.

“Those are being paid out directly by local authorities, but we know that a number of companies have yet to come forward and claim. By checking in and making sure your favourite local businesses are aware of the help which is out there, you could be doing them a financial favour too.

“So think about your hairdresser, your favourite coffee shop or even your dog groomer or market trader – those sort of businesses could be eligible for grants. They are still eligible if they are currently closed due to Coronavirus restrictions so make sure they know what help is out there for them, and that you’re looking forward to visiting them again in the future.”

When you check in with a local business:

  • Make sure they have checked if they are eligible for a grant. All the details are online here

  • Make sure they have accessed free, impartial business support if they need it. They can speak to an adviser at the New Anglia Growth Hub for free on 0300 333 6536

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