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The Growth Through Innovation Fund Panel considers grant
applications, which are initially assessed by the New Anglia Growth Hub and New
Anglia LEP. It decides whether to award grant funding for proposed projects
electronically. It also meets regularly to discuss the grant programme, its
processes and eligibility criteria to make sure the programme achieves its
targets. The Panel consists of three members and one sub-member from the New
Anglia LEP. A Programmes Coordinator and/or Programmes Manager provides monthly
reports on the programme to the New Anglia LEP Board, Partnership Board and
other stakeholders.

You can read the Growth Through Innovation Panel’s Terms of Reference here.


Nataliya Klymko, New Anglia LEP – Register of Interests

Jason Middleton, New Anglia LEP – Register of Interests

Julie West, New Anglia LEP – Register of Interests 

Chris Dashper, New Anglia LEP (Sub) – Register of Interests

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