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Hypothetically Hydrogen 

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Explore our Hypothetically Hydrogen event to find out more about how hydrogen is made and its potential in the transition to Net Zero.

This event was delivered as part of the official COP26 Regional Roadshows to highlight grassroots activity as part of the COP 26 UN conference in Glasgow in autumn 2021. The event was funded by the Department for Energy, Business and Industrial Strategy through the Greater South East Energy Hub.


We need to achieve net zero carbon emissions to meet legally binding climate change targets by 2050. Hydrogen is now recognised as having a key role to play:

  • It’s a versatile chemical element. Hydrogen is one of the world’s most versatile energy carriers, energy store and industrial feedstocks.
  • A clean source of energy. When supplied by low carbon electricity for production, the technology delivers green hydrogen with water and heat as the only by-products.
  • Key to our future energy needs. Hydrogen can be used to heat our homes and businesses, power transport as well as for industrial processes.

Hydrogen has many potential uses (add graphic from slide 12 with the different sectors


Find out more by downloading the slides.


For more information visit Hydrogen East and Clean Energy | Norfolk & Suffolk Unlimited 

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