Brand new fleet of trains launched between Norwich and Great Yarmouth

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New trains offering passengers far greater comfort and facilities between Norwich and Great Yarmouth have been rolled out today.

New Anglia LEP has campaigned long and hard for the rail services the region deserves, and chief executive Chris Starkie was among the first to take one of the new trains out of Norwich Station at the official launch.

Greater Anglia has invested £1.4bn in replacing its existing diesel fleet with 169 new trains. The electric and bi-mode trains, which switch between diesel and electricity, offer more seats, extra leg room, air conditioning, plug and USB points, as well as better accessibility.

The new stock went into service at the end of July, with the first journey in the region taking place between Lowestoft and Norwich. Since then, the trains have been introduced on the Norwich to Cambridge route and from today will be rolled out on services between Norwich and Great Yarmouth.

Mr Starkie said: “The trains are part of a brand new fleet serving the region. They’re quieter, they’re faster, they are more reliable and have more space for passengers.

“As a LEP we are delighted to have played a key part in helping to secure this £1.4bn investment. It means for the first time, passengers in Norfolk and Suffolk are travelling on brand new trains for those trips to London or trips to the seaside.”

Chris Heaton-Harris, Minister for Rail at the Department of Transport, was in Norwich for the launch event and said the new investment would make the region the envy of the country when it comes to rail infrastructure.

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