Skills Bootcamp gives property firm’s web developer code for success

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Residential sales and lettings company Spicerhaart was looking to improve its internal technical expertise, specifically in terms of coding and development, but was not looking for a complicated, costly recruitment process to hire a new developer.

Instead, it was looking to upskill an existing team member who had a strong passion for coding and had already impressed with their work ethic in other roles within the organisation.

As a result, this employee was enrolled on Netmatters’ Skills Bootcamp – an eight-week training course for web and software development.

To aid in the development of transitioning to a Junior Developer at Spicerhaart, we generated a bespoke training track to ensure their progression was tailored around the requirements of their new role, and that their new skills would have clear benefit for the client. The course was delivered completely remotely and involved the development of a range of coding skills, learnt through a mix of interactive lessons, and bespoke build projects. This gave the team member a strong foundational understanding of both the theoretical, and practical side of coding.

Each stage was meticulously monitored by our course leaders and development experts, involving consistent communication with both the client, and their staff member, ensuring that the right level of progress was being made, and that the bespoke plan was fit for purpose.

We also worked alongside the Spicerhaart to ensure the training didn’t take away from the student’s current job role – with a weekly balance being struck at four days with the client, and one with Netmatters. This ensured that both Spicerhaart, and the student, were able to avoid any disruption throughout the process of the course.

Following the completion of the eight-week course, the staff member has now returned to Spicerhaart with an immediate promotion to Junior Developer and is now thriving in their new role, putting the skills they learned on the Skills Bootcamp into practice!

This also means that the client has been able to save on long, costly recruitment process for a developer, and has instead been able to invest in their team member who they know has the right passion and drive for the position. As the course was completely customised to the skills the client required, they are now set up with the perfect resource to help keep their business moving.

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