Lucrative digital skills can be learned through free Skills Bootcamps

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Do you want to be a coder, web developer or digital marketer?
Are you keen on coding? Do you want a well-paid job in a fast growth sector? Then check out these digital Skills Bootcamps with Netmatters in Norfolk.

Skills Bootcamps are part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee, helping everyone gain skills for life. They are free, flexible courses that run for up to 16 weeks. They give people the opportunity to build sector-specific skills and fast track to an interview with a local employer.

New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership is organising various industry specific Skills Bootcamps for people living in Suffolk and Norfolk. These include Skills Bootcamps in web development, software engineering and digital marketing. Netmatters, based in Wymondham, is running these and we asked its Project Manager, Jaz Instone-Brewer, to tell us more.

How long do these courses take?
“These are intensive courses,” explains Jaz, “but you will learn real skills that make you work-ready. A full course, if you come to us direct, runs 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for 16 weeks. It’s fully remote but we expect you to take it seriously and behave as a responsible employee.

“That’s because we are not just teaching you how to code but how to succeed in the world of work, particularly as a remote worker. We will treat you the same way we do our inhouse developers. That includes monitoring your progress, getting you to complete time reports and showing you how to stick to project schedules.

“It means you turn up on time and do the work from the task list set by your project manager in the time given. The skills you learn with us will be ones you can apply practically anywhere. Once you complete our course, you will be able to prove to a potential employer that you are up to the job.”

What sort of skills will I learn?
“We aim to teach you what the industry calls ‘full stack’ web development, including HTML, CSS, Java script, PHP and Laravel. You will learn how to create what people see when they look at a website (the front end), including the colours, graphics and buttons and how to make it user friendly. You will also learn how to build the system or database that ties all the components together and makes the whole website work (the back end).”

Is it worth it?
“Our courses may sound tough but the rewards are definitely worth it. Coding, website development and digital marketing are essentially skills for life – and practically recession proof. Virtually every industry is crying out for these skills – including many businesses in East Anglia.

“That means you are looking at earning a good salary from day one and fast career progression. You will be able to work with clients anywhere in the world because coding is an international language. It also means you can choose to live in beautiful Norfolk or Suffolk but still earn a London salary.”

Find out how to apply for these Skills Bootcamps
Hurry to apply for digital Skills Bootcamps with Netmatters because there are limited spaces. Please click here and complete the short application form or call Netmatters on 01603 515007 to discuss details.

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