New Anglia Board Meeting Minutes (Confirmed)
22nd June 2022
David Ellesmere (DE)
Ipswich Borough Council
C-J Green (CJG)
Brave Goose
John Griffiths (JG)
West Suffolk Council
Pete Joyner (PJ)
Shorthose Russell
Matthew Hicks (MH)
Suffolk County Council
Dominic Keen (DK)
Steve Oliver (SO)
Corrienne Peasgood (CP)
Norwich City College
Johnathan Reynolds (JR)
Alan Waters (AW)
Norwich City Council
Mike Todman (MT)
Carolyn Reid (CR)
Norfolk County Council
Rob Hancock (RH)
Suffolk County Council
Ellen Goodwin (EG)
New Anglia LEP
Julian Munson (JM)
New Anglia LEP
Chris Starkie (CS)
New Anglia LEP
Rosanne Wijnberg (RW)
New Anglia LEP
Actions from the meeting: (27.7.22)
Draft Annual Financial Statements 31 March 2022 Confidential
Board members are asked to return any outstanding Related Party Forms which are required
for the audit
Welcome from the Chair
C-J Green (CJG) welcomed all board members to the meeting.
Apologies were received from Sandy Ruddock, Andrew Proctor, Claire Cullens, Kathy Atkinson,
Jeanette Wheeler, Stuart Dark and Helen Langton.
Declarations of Interest
There were no declarations of interest.
Actions/Minutes from the last Meeting
The minutes of the meeting held on 25th June were agreed as accurate.
CJG noted that there are no outstanding items on the action log.
Innovation Board Report
Julian Munson (JM) presented the New Anglia Innovation Board report and gave examples of
good progress with partners under each of the four main workstreams of innovation
infrastructure, public and private sector investment in Innovation, supporting the Innovation
Ecosystem and assisting and developing the best talent for delivering innovation.
JM highlighted that a key priority is sustaining the Connected Innovation programme beyond
the current funded phase as funding runs out March 2023.
JM noted the continued support to the delivery of the Innovation Grant Mentoring scheme with
7 businesses supported recently with mentoring.
JM highlighted the successful cross sector work being undertaken, for example, the Offshore
Wind meets Tech event which was hosted by OrbisEnergy and which was attended by 25
businesses. Also, the LEP is advancing relationships with the wider Catapult Network and
working with various agencies to support the innovation ecosystem in Norfolk and Suffolk.
Johnathan Reynolds (JR) noted the excellent progress being made across the innovation
agenda and acknowledged the work led by the LEP’s Sectors and Innovation Team. Good
progress is being made with the Catapult network, the Satellite Applications Catapult and
organisations such as Innovate UK. Important to continue to raise our national profile to
showcase our assets and capabilities. JR was pleased to see plans for a regional innovation
showcase event and work in train to develop a strategic plan and roadmap for innovation
activity across our region. The key focus is to support the progression of the Connected
Innovation activity and help identify any funding opportunities.
Corrienne Peasgood (CP) recognised the importance of this work and was keen to ensure
that the SAP and changes to the skills agenda is responsive to innovation and important that
the strong links continue to be made across skills and innovation
The Board agreed:
To note the content of the report
Clean Growth Taskforce
Pete Joyner (PJ) and Ellen Goodwin (EG) presented the Clean Growth Taskforce Update. EG
noted that the taskforce was launched 12 months ago and is a collaboration of the private
sector, public sector and representatives from our two counties.
They noted that is has been a challenge to define what we need to do. The starting point has
been targets, focusing on what the LEP could directly impact. EG noted the long term
objective to move to a zero carbon economy so there is a need to set targets as the
landscape changes.
They highlighted that the initial focus is on 5 key areas leadership and collaboration,
evidence and impact, decarbonising transport, transition business support and workforce for
the future.
They noted the ‘Clean Growth for Business’ programme of events scheduled for w/c 14
November which will coincide with COP27 which is due to take place between 7 and 18
November. This will bring businesses together across the region and be a mix of online and in
person sessions. This is building some momentum and PR nationally.
Board observations included the:
Importance of green curriculum, upskilling in industry, green skills and short ‘add-on’
LEP role as an influencer and enabler needs to be drawn out
Work with Industry Councils and Innovation Board to broaden the clean growth work
throughout the LEP
The meeting discussed the need to build in wider trends into the strategy and bring everyone
together. It was noted that there are bids already looking at separate things but there was a
need to make sure these were brought together in a co-ordinated and joined up way.
The Board agreed:
To note the content of the report
To endorse the strategic direction of the Taskforce
To offer support and spread the collaboration and leadership message around the
November event/s entitled ‘Clean Growth for Business’
Alternative Fuel Strategy
EG presented the Alternative Fuels Strategy and Action Plan and outlined the importance of
public/private sector collaboration in terms of delivery as well as that of broader transport
decarbonisation, specifically Transport East. Element Energy were commissioned to
undertake the study with the Alternative Fuels Strategy being part of the solution.
Matthew Hicks (MH) raised whether the strategy is being delivered by others, e.g. Transport
East and that the Suffolk Climate Change Emergency Plan is not mentioned in the report. MH
highlighted the need to work collaboratively and questioned whether more work needs to go
into the paper before bringing it back to the Board.
Steve Oliver (SO) highlighted the influencer and enabler role and whether it is adequately
captured in the report.
John Griffiths (JG) raised concerns around duplication and that the report should be amended
with due regard to the Combined Authority and Transport East.
JR noted that the area was complex and integrated therefore need to align both energy and
infrastructure. As this is a joint piece of work we can look at collaborative solutions.
Board observations included:
Public sector role in this agenda, specifically the Suffolk Climate Emergency Plan,
needs to be mentioned to provide strategic context
Link to energy and water with respect to EVs and hydrogen and the criticality of
infrastructure integration
Wider ambitions of the disbanded Transport Board
The Board resolved to:
Agree to adopt the Strategy in principle, noting the work being done by the public
sector in this space and the importance of collaboration/adding value and avoiding
Agree to ask the executive team to ensure the strategy connects with the work of key
partners including Transport East
Delegate the Clean Growth Taskforce to consider next steps with respect to
prioritisation and delivery pathways noting that the Combined Authority will not be
considering it until the autumn due to public consultation
Note the Clean Growth Taskforce observations with respect to the wider transport
decarbonisation agenda and agree to this direction of travel/approach
Chief Executive’s Report
Chris Starkie (CS) highlighted the launch of the Business Transition to Net Zero Grant (BTNZ)
and noted that some interesting proposals have come in but to be eligible businesses will
need to have a Net Zero action plan in place.
CS highlighted the work of the Growth Hub and noted how it has been particularly successful
through the pandemic however funding comes to a close at the end of June 2023. Funding
streams are being replaced by the UK Shared Prosperity fund with funding being devolved
down to districts. The LEP team has been working with the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce to
develop business proposals to extend the Business Growth Programme. An initial proposal
has gone to our local authorities.
CS noted that we are about to appoint contractors to deliver Skills Bootcamps part of the
Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee.
CS noted that we continue to provide significant resource to Freeport East and that a Chief
Executive has been appointed.
Pete Joyner (PJ) queried progress of the LEP review. CS responded that talks are still
progressing but nothing material has changed since the last update. We have agreed to start
budgeting for next year as the timeline is expected to run to April 24.
The Board agreed:
To note the content of the report
Draft Annual Financial Statements 31 March 2022 - Confidential
Quarterly Management Accounts - Confidential
Proposed Amendments to Articles of Association
RW advised that some private sector board members were coming to the end of their term as
directors and, given the extended timescales to agree County Deals, it was felt that it would
be beneficial to have more flexibility around private sector director tenure.
RW presented the revised Articles of Association which would provide additional flexibility and
allow for an extension of the term of a private sector director if necessary. RW confirmed that
appropriate legal advice had been taken.
RW advised that the written resolutions would be circulated to all members of the LEP for
signing. This process will commence in the middle of August to accommodate the holiday
period and to allow for the 28 day return window to extend into September.
The Board agreed:
To note the content of the report
To approve the following:
o The recommendation that we amend the Articles of Association as detailed to extend
the term of a private sector director if necessary.
o The Articles of Association of New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership Limited,
amended to reflect the proposed changes to the LEP Board.
o The special resolution to be sent to the LEP’s members to approve the adoption of the
new articles.
o The letter to the company’s auditors informing them of the proposed written resolution.
Subject to the passing of the written resolution:
o It was noted that the company is required to keep records comprising copies of the
Written Resolutions in accordance with section 355 Companies Act 2006 (CA 2006)
and to ensure that the same is available for inspection in accordance with section 358
CA 2006; and
o A director of the Company was instructed to arrange for the filing of the Written
Resolutions and a copy of the newly amended articles of association of the Company
at Companies House within 15 days in which the Written Resolutions were passed.
July Programme Performance Reports
RW presented the reports and highlighted key items to the Board.
Business Growth Programme the quarterly forecast for Qtr 1 shows £1.1m. with spend at
£369k. The gap to forecast is due to delays in businesses claiming grant awards. We will
focus on promoting the grant scheme. There is also a lag on output targets as we struggle to
gather some evidence from the Growth Hub.
Community Renewal Fund RW highlighted the intention to report twice on this scheme and
noted the fact that there were 4 sub programmes Road to Net Zero (RTNZ) and Enabling
Self Employment (ESE) which are delivered in Norfolk and Suffolk. This programme is
progressing well with RTNZ grants largely allocated and good spend across Norfolk and
Suffolk. ESE support has been red flagged but the assumption was that this would be back
ended, but the focus will now be on these as other programmes have ended.
The Board agreed:
To note the content of the report
Board Forward Plan
CJG reviewed the items on the agenda for the September meeting.
The Board agreed:
To note the content of the plan
Any Other Business
It was noted that this was Corrienne Peasgood’s last meeting as she is due to retire although
she will continue as Chair of the Agritech Industry Council. CJG thanked Corrienne for her
contribution to the Board and Audit and Risk Committee and wished her well in her retirement.
She was presented with a gift from the LEP as a mark of appreciation of all her work as a board