Meeting Note
Dayle Bayliss Dayle Bayliss Ltd.
Will Bridgman Warren Services
Simon Burckitt Aviva
Ali Clabburn Liftshare
Chris Dashper New Anglia LEP
Ellen Goodwin New Anglia LEP
Pete Joyner (Chair) New Anglia LEP Board
Andrew Lovett University of East Anglia
Johan Neethling Rainbird
Simon Papworth New Anglia LEP
Johnathan Reynolds New Anglia LEP Board
Candy Richards Federation of Small Businesses
Lisa Roberts New Anglia LEP
Ed Shorthouse New Anglia LEP
Andrew Wheeler West Suffolk College
David Walton Suffolk Climate Change, Environment and Energy Board
Jill Korwin SCCEEB
Nikos Savvas West Suffolk College
1. Declarations
No declarations declared.
ACTION – those who have not already completed forms will be contacted directly.
2. Minutes
Minutes from 5th January and 9th March 2022 were agreed.
The decarbonising transport sub-group have met since and agreed a way forward
with respect to the Alternative Fuels Strategy which will be reported to the LEP
Board in June.
The Road to Net Zero Business Support Programme has been extended to
December 2022 after Ministers stated they would welcome requests for extensions
nationally. Issues relating to covid, and supply chain capacity are the main reasons
for requesting an extension. The Partnership remain committed to delivery and the
detail will be agreed over the coming months.
Norfolk and Suffolk Clean Growth Taskforce
The LEP Board will receive a Programme update at their July Board.
ACTION – draft detail to be shared for comment/input at the next meeting.
3. Workforce for the Future
Ed Shorthouse, Skills Data Analyst at New Anglia LEP attended to present on green
jobs evidence (presentation attached)
The Taskforce queried the impact of BREXIT. Simon Papworth, Economic Analyst
at New Anglia LEP responded that covid had typically had a bigger impact on
jobs/migration. He also noted that green jobs were hard to define using traditional
SIC codes and that this dataset (EMSI) was one of the best out there and allowed for
easy benchmarking. It was noted that other area’s labour market structures and
covid response would be useful to feed into the process when making comparisons.
Need to understand what looks ‘good’ for Norfolk and Suffolk and what other areas
are doing well (bearing in mind HQ versus workforce locations) as growth since 2017
has been limited (excludes nuclear) despite the overall pace of growth in green jobs
being higher than other post covid growth.
ACTION – LEP to take forward, engaging the sub-group and Skills Advisory Panel.
Refer to this dataset.
4. After Road to Net Zero
5. Evidence and Impact
Sub-group have met to discuss evidence and impact including point source emitters
where conversations are ongoing/set up. It was noted that Industry Councils/sector
groups ought to embed clean growth more deeply and that cluster discussions
should be considered alongside individual point sources.
ACTION – Sub-Board Chair meeting to pick up clean growth specifically.
ACTION – Ellen to follow up on British Sugar session with interested Members.
Other comments included:
Need to embrace good practise/share learning and encourage businesses to
measure/take action particularly in sectors that are not as well known for high
Consider the future economy – opportunities identified in Norfolk and Suffolk
Economic Strategy.
Network of point source emitters as part of future engagement strategy? (see
item 6)
6. Defining the ambition and its delivery
Ambition in paper was defined as “Accelerating Norfolk and Suffolk's clean growth
ambitions through collaboration and impactful intervention, enabling our economy to
be net zero by 2030.
While the sentiment of the statement was broadly supported the date proved to be
challenging without a pathway/plan for delivery to back it up. It was noted that any
plan/pathway needed to be based on our collective reach and ability to influence and
despite perhaps wanting to agree a target for Norfolk and Suffolk we need to focus
on what we can collectively achieve in this space.
ACTION – Pete to follow up with Ellen and Lisa in the first instance then the sub-
A local event was supported by the Taskforce although it was noted that the
challenges of net zero and opportunities of clean growth needed to be appropriately
separated. The Taskforce also suggested that sector sprints could be a good place
to focus effort.
In terms of audience, it was noted that point source emitters would be good invitees
to include as well as those focussed on education and innovation thus bringing in the
wider clean growth opportunities.
Quick wins and case studies will be important things to play into the mix as well as
options for hybrid attendance.
ACTION – take forward – early autumn – 100-150 people
Could be part of Clean Growth for Business part 2
7. AOB
The LEP Board will receive a Clean Growth Taskforce update at its June Board.
The Taskforce have been invited to the following events:
17 May – Suffolk Chamber lunch with Pen Hadow – Stoke By Nayland
23 June – Anglian Water Conference – Norwich
Forward plan – to consider stakeholder mapping and terms of reference