Meeting Note
2pm, Wednesday 5th January – Teams
Simon Burckitt Aviva
Genevieve Christie First Light Festival
Nigel Davies Muntons
Ellen Goodwin New Anglia LEP
Lorraine Gore Norfolk Climate Change Partnership
Andrew Lovett University of East Anglia
Pete Joyner New Anglia LEP
Jill Korwin Suffolk Climate Change, Energy and
Environment Board
Johan Neethling Rainbird
Simon Papworth New Anglia LEP
Johnathan Reynolds New Anglia LEP
Nikos Savvas West Suffolk College
Candy Richards Federation of Small Businesses
Lisa Roberts New Anglia LEP
Dayle Bayliss Dayle Bayliss ltd.
Ali Clabburn Liftshare
Julia Pyke EDF
1. Minutes and matters arising
Pete Joyner welcomed new Members of the Taskforce: Simon Burckitt from Aviva and
Johan Neethling from Rainbird. He also noted that the group now had a full cohort.
Conflict of interest forms to be completed
LA work to be circulated – complete
The meeting note from 20 July 2021 was accepted as a true record. All other actions are
covered by the agenda.
2. Defining the ambition and its delivery
Key questions posed were:
What do we know about the ambition of others in Norfolk and Suffolk?
What do we have influence over and what should the scope of our ambition be?
What parameters are we working within?
What evidence do we already have to support the development of a deliverable local
What evidence do we still need to support the development of a deliverable local
Norfolk and Suffolk Clean Growth
Collective comments from the Taskforce included:
Need to understand green initiatives/incentives in order to provide business advice,
support and signposting noting the need for a tailored approach
Need to develop a simple message and consider wider influence – how does the low
carbon generation region message play into this influence piece?
Need to re-look at CO2 emissions including point source emitters (what are they
doing and how can they disseminate best practise?) and where we’ve come from to
understand the scale of the challenge/opportunity. Consider carbon budgets too.
What does the science tell us?
ESG reporting for Investors/Board crucial for many – need to consider supply chains
Need to think about short term as well as broader longer-term metrics – technology
not always the answer – what can we do now?
Collaboration and leadership critical – we cannot undermine each other – take a lead
where others are not – refer to SCEP and other work programmes. What are the
sector roadmaps/targets and how can we use those to support our work?
Is there someway we can support the domestic sector?
Behaviour change is CRITICAL
ACTION – map who’s doing what in each of the key Taskforce work areas (include key
emitters) then consider how the themes build to a final ambition/statement – or indeed
the other way round.
3. Alternative Fuel Strategy and Road to Net Zero Business Support Programme
Ellen updated the Taskforce on the current position of both the Alternative Fuel Strategy and
Road to Net Zero Business Support Programme.
Taskforce comments:
Johnathan noted concerns about the scope of the Alternative Fuel Strategy and
asked for a follow up meeting with the appointed consultants.
Simon offered Aviva and their thinking on SME support as part of the learning
process with respect to the Net Zero Business Support Programme.
Nigel highlighted his potential consultancy conflict of interest with respect to the Road
to Net Zero Business Support Programme.
The Taskforce expressed a wish to know how interested people are in each element
of the Net Zero Business Support Programme moving forward. This will be picked up
by the evaluation work and reported back to the Task force later in the year.
4. Action Plan
The action plan will be developed further based on the discussion above and task and finish
groups set up to advance ahead of future meetings.
5. AOB