Careers Hubs Provider Access Policy
Careers Hubs are an important part of the careers education infrastructure for 11-18 year olds in
England. Run by the Careers and Enterprise Company the national body for careers education - in
partnership with local organisations, they are designed to:
Bring together school and college careers leaders to share best practice and work on shared
priorities creating communities of practice where approaches and thinking constantly
Connect local employers to foster effective partnerships with schools and colleges to
provide high quality future talent insights
Work strategically across an area with a range of stakeholders to align with local education,
work and skills priorities through strong partnerships
Demonstrate the impact of careers education on the career readiness, education and
employment outcomes of young people
More information about the overall approach to Careers Education can be found here Careers Hubs
| The Careers and Enterprise Company
Provider access further education and training providers
Careers Hubs are committed to:
Amplifying technical and vocational routes so young people know about all the options
Supporting effective transitions from education to work, further study or training.
Removing barriers for young people. Career Hubs prioritise tackling disadvantage in
partnership with local employers.
The Gatsby Benchmarks and the ‘Baker Clause’
Our work with schools and colleges is framed by the Gatsby Benchmarks the national framework
for organising the careers provision of a school or college. Details of the relevant expectations are
listed below:
Every student, whatever their ambitions, should have the opportunity to explore what it is
like to learn at the full range of learning providers, including colleges, universities,
apprenticeship and training providers, University Technical Colleges (UTCs) and Studio
Students should have the opportunity to hear directly from providers, so they can build up a
full picture of the options available and consider how the opportunity to study or train in
different ways, and in different environments, might suit their skills, interests and aptitudes.
In addition, schools have a legal duty, commonly known as the ‘Baker Clause’, which requires all
maintained schools and academies to ensure that there is an opportunity for a range of education
and training providers to access all year 8 to 13 students for the purpose of informing them about
approved technical education qualifications and apprenticeships. We make all schools aware of
their responsibility to do so and support them in providing clear guidance on provider access.
Providers wishing to work with Careers Hubs
The Careers Hub does not have the power to enforce provider access into schools and colleges,
however we are committed to using our network to support high quality careers provision for young
people. The Careers Hub will therefore:
Liaise with providers to discuss their provision and offer to schools and colleges
Consider ways in which the provider and Careers Hub can work together to address gaps
Broker introductions to relevant Careers Leaders (where appropriate)
Where possible include providers in a local directory (if one is available) of vocational
provision which is shared with schools
Advise school leaders in a Hub about the implementation of the Baker Clause
Deploy Enterprise Coordinators and Enterprise Advisers to support schools and colleges to
develop partnerships and programmes which allow students to explore all pathways.
Add in email address of Hub leadGlen.t[email protected]k or links to Hub websites/contact page
We endeavour to respond to providers within 5 working days.