New Anglia Board Meeting Minutes (Unconfirmed)
26th January 2022
Claire Cullens (CC)
Norfolk Community Foundation
David Ellesmere (DE)
Ipswich Brough Council
C-J Green (CJG)
Brave Goose
Matthew Hicks (MH)
Suffolk County Council
Pete Joyner (PJ)
Shorthose Russell
Dominic Keen (DK)
Corrienne Peasgood (CP)
Norwich City College
Andrew Proctor (AP)
Norfolk County Council
Johnathan Reynolds (JR)
Sandy Ruddock (SR)
Scarlett & Mustard
Alan Waters (AW)
Norwich City Council
Jeanette Wheeler (JW)
Justin Ott (JO)
EV Spark
Mark Goodall (MG)
All Energy Industry Council Chair - For Item 7
Vince Muspratt (VM)
Norfolk County Council
Shan Lloyd (SL)
Jai Raithatha (JRa)
Suffolk County Council
Iain Dunnett (ID)
New Anglia LEP - For Item 9
Ellen Goodwin (EG)
New Anglia LEP - For Item 6
Julian Munson (JM)
New Anglia LEP - For Item 7
Chris Starkie (CS)
New Anglia LEP
Rosanne Wijnberg (RW)
New Anglia LEP
Helen Wilton (HW)
New Anglia LEP
Actions from the meeting: (23.2.22)
Welcome from the Chair
CJ Green (CJG) welcomed everyone to the meeting.
Presentation from Justin Ott, EV Spark
CJG welcomed Justin Ott (JO) to the meeting. JO is the CEO of Spark EV Technology which was
awarded £50,000 by New Anglia Capital.
Jo provided the board with a presentation on the company’s work in energy optimisation and range
prediction technology for electric vehicles and explained how they map driver movements and driving
styles to understand the impact on the ranges of the vehicles.
He advised that the company has identified a niche in working with owners of commercial vehicles and
that they would break even in 2022 and it will turn a profit in 2023.
JO noted their core challenge is reduced R&D due to a smaller order book from delays in the supply of
The meeting discussed the skills shortages in the market. JO advised that salaries for graduates had
increased significantly over the past few years with joining salaries of around £65k. The need to
access skilled staff means that engineers have to be sourced from across Europe in order to allow to
allow work to start immediately for customers.
Jeanette Wheeler (JW) queried whether the company had links to the universities and colleges. JO
advised that they had worked on commercial projects with the UEA but not with engineers however he
was open to working with these establishments in the future.
Johnathan Reynolds (JR) asked if the technology could be used in other fields such as the marine
sector. JO confirmed that this was possible and he was keen to explore other areas of application.
CJG thanks JO for his presented and JO left the meeting.
Apologies were received from Kathy Atkinson, John Griffiths and Stuart Dark
Declarations of Interest
JR declared an interest in the following items:
Item 7 - All Energy Industry Council Update - noting he is a co-founder and Director of
Hydrogen East and that Martin Dronfield, EEEGR’s Executive Chairman, is Opergy’s
Commercial Director.
Item 10 - Freeport East Update - Opergy is contracted to support Freeport East (Harwich Tax
Site only), in terms of offshore wind and hydrogen development
Item 11 - Chief Executives Report - Fit 4 Offshore Renewables. Opergy is contracted by
ORE Catapult to deliver the F4OR programme across the UK.
Corrienne Peasgood (CP) noted an interest in Item 9 - the Growing Places Fund Application
Actions/Minutes from the last Meeting
The minutes of the meeting held on 23rd January were agreed as accurate.
CS reviewed the action log and confirmed all items been updated.
Transport Board Report
Ellen Goodwin (EG) presented the paper giving an overview of the progress achieved by the
Transport Board since the last report was provided a year ago.
EG noted that the work has been steered towards supporting clean growth and the
decarbonisation of transport and cited the development of the Alternative Fuel Strategy, the
role of Hydrogen East and support for greener commuting as examples of the areas of focus.
Following agreement at the January LEP Board on the Strategic Priorities the paper proposed
the re-alignment of staff resources devoted to transport to reduce duplication and maximise
value. This includes disbanding the Local Transport Board and continuing to work through
Transport East to achieve both the transport and economic ambitions for Norfolk and Suffolk.
The Board agreed:
To note the content of the report
To delegate to the CEO the disbandment of the Transport Board in line with agreed
governance procedures
All Energy Industry Council Report
Julian Munson (JM) presented the report detailing the progress achieved by the All Energy
Industry Council (AEIC) since the last update.
JM noted the importance of the private sector collaboration as highlighted in the Levelling Up
White Paper and confirmed that this underpinned the work of the council.
JM highlighted the complexity of the energy sector for the region and noted the number of
strategic national projects which were underway which would showcase the region’s
JM advised that the AEIC was working closely with EEEGR on a regional communications
strategy with sector groups established for each type of energy. These groups will feed into
the AEIC where membership numbers will be reduced to enable it to focus on key strategic
areas and bridging the gap between key stakeholders.
Other areas of work include the successful launch of Generate band which has been well
adopted and is being used by partners across events.
Consent for the Vanguard & Borreas wind farms has been well received and will have a
positive impact on the local supply chain. A decision on Sizewell is expected in May with a
visit from Kwasi Kwateng last month and £100m commitment from Government to unlock
further private funding.
JM noted the continued development of the O&M campus which is being supported by the
LEP in partnership with local authorities and the ORE Catapult which will continue to have a
base here and will now fully fund a post in the region.
The LEP has also supported in lobbying Government in pushing forwards key projects where
delays have been experienced.
Mark Goodall (MG), Chair of the AEIC, joined the meeting and reiterated the positive news on
the consent for the offshore wind projects and expressed the hope that they would now be
progressed in a timely manner.
MG noted the USP for the region was the fact that it contains such a wide range of types of
energy and this diversity needed to be promoted and exploited.
JW enquired whether there had been any progress in resolving the issues around bringing
power onshore. The board heard that work has been continuing which has moved on this area
although there are still significant challenges. Large scale transmission batteries need to be
sited in Norfolk & Suffolk to allow onward transmission
JR noted that the connection issues around some projects have not yet been resolved and this
affects beyond the energy sector ie utilities and transport.
The Board agreed:
To note the content of the report
MG left the meeting
LEP Review and Levelling Up White Paper - Confidential
The Board agreed:
To note the content of the report
To establish a sub-group to support the Chair and Chief Executive with volunteers to contact
Growing Places Fund Application - Confidential
The Board agreed:
To note the content of the report
Freeport East - Confidential
The Board agreed:
To note the content of the report
Chief Executives Report
CS presented key items from the report and highlighted the launch of the Space Sector plan
at an event held at Adastral Park which aims to bring together the significant number of
businesses in the region working in this field.
CS noted that, at AP’s suggestion, the LEP has been in contact with Rolls Royce regarding
their search for production units and have submitted ideas for consideration.
CS thanked partners for their contributions to the bid for the Skills Bootcamp which, if
successful, will result in a £2m fund.
Work is also continuing on a Skills Hub to support the work of the Skills Advisory Panel. Local
skills involvement plans will be lead by the chambers and the LEP is involved with their
development building on the work of the SAP.
JW noted the feedback received in the Annual Performance Review regarding the delivery of
projects within the Getting Building Fund. RW confirmed that the spend for the fund had to be
completed by the end of March 2022 and that this deadline and the ongoing work to achieve
the spend had been discussed at the APR.
JW queried the increase in the level of the risk relating to the improper use of grant funds.
RW advised that spend for the GBF is required by the end of March and an intervention rate
is linked to that award. For some projects the spend in less then envisaged or through lack of
evidence small clawbacks can be required but these are small scale given overall size of the
The Board agreed:
To note the content of the report
February Performance Reports
RW presented the February Programme Performance Reports and confirmed that as the
focus has been on approving those grants with looming end dates the approvals to the Small
Grants Scheme had stopped.
Growth Deal & Getting Building Fund - The report covers Q3 up to the end of December
2021. The focus is on achieving spend out by 31st March 2022.
Growth Deal - Snetterton & Nar Ouse have consistently been flagged as red however a claim
for £700k has now been received from Nar Ouse and work will continue on this project.
Snetterton - a claim of £1.6m is expected which will be a combination of actual and forward
The first O&M campus claim of just under £1m has been paid and supporting evidence for
Suffolk Broadland is being progressed.
RW confirmed that it is anticipated that spend of £7-8m can be evidenced and further spend
will require use of flexibilities to show spend commitments.
RW presented the dashboards and highlighted key items noting the challenges around skills
and unemployment.
The Board agreed:
To note the content of the reports
Board Forward Plan
CJG presented for forward plan for the March 2022 meeting.
The Board agreed:
To note the content of the plan
Any Other Business