New Anglia Transport Board
Agile to Change
Meeting Note
9.30am 11.00am, Wednesday 1 December 2021 Teams
Luke Barber Suffolk County Council
Suzanne Buck Transport East
Ali Clabburn Liftshare
Karen Chapman Suffolk Growth
Tom Cornwell Road Haulage Association
Michael Cousens Freeport East
David Cumming Norfolk County Council
Jonathan Denby Greater Anglia
Richard Gapper Federation of Small Businesses
Ellen Goodwin New Anglia LEP
Mark Hand Liftshare
Siva Iyer Connected Places Catapult
Patrick Ladbury Thameslink and Great Northern Railways
Thomas Lawman Highways England
Andrew Hudson Network Rail
Steve Oliver New Anglia LEP Board (Chair)
Katherine Orchard Element Energy
Paul Martin First Buses
Richard Pace Norwich Airport
Richard Perkins Suffolk Chamber of Commerce
Candy Richards Federation of Small Businesses
Cllr Phil Smart Suffolk Districts
Chris Soule CLA
Andrew Summers Transport East
Andy Walker Suffolk Chamber of Commerce
Cllr Martin Wilby Norfolk County Council
In attendance
Lewis Boudville East Suffolk Council
Charlotte Farmer Hydrogen East
Sara Noonan West Suffolk Council
Mark Ash Suffolk County Council
Paul Ager Associated British Ports
Jamie Burles Greater Anglia
Paul Davey Hutchison Ports
Andrew Harston Associated British Ports
Nova Fairbank Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
Jonathan Rudd New Anglia LEP
Steve Wickers First Buses
Minutes and matters arising
Mark Hand updated the Board on their work with First Buses as well as Norfolk and Suffolk
County Councils. He highlighted that the Transport Decarbonisation Plan includes
commuting, car sharing and greener travel choices as priorities for delivery.
He asked the Board to:
Undertake an Average Commuters Emission Level (ACEL) scoping exercise for
their own organisation
Identify large employers that would benefit from the same approach
Seek funding to fast track this work
Ellen Goodwin noted that the LEP was about to commission a carbon footprint for its own
operations, and this would include commuting as well as business mileage.
ACTION Steve Oliver expressed an interest in pursing with his business, Sweco
ACTION Ellen to follow up in terms of funding opportunities
Alternative Fuels Strategy
Katherine Orchard from Element Energy presented to the Board on their commissioned work
to date.
Key questions asked were:
Are there any local strengths where you see opportunities to link to/drive transport
decarbonisation? Either through innovation, skills, wider strategies, or other
Are there areas that you see as particularly challenging for decarbonising transport
in East Anglia? e.g. skills gaps, infrastructure, particular needs of major local
business sectors, other
Are there areas where East Anglia can or should look to lead ahead of action at
national level?
What roles do you see for local businesses in delivering transport decarbonisation
in the area, both in their own operations and in supporting wider change?
What further support is needed to enable businesses to deliver that change and to
retain value within the local area?
Queries from the Board included:
Government policy on hydrogen to be determined by mid-2020s
Norfolk County Council working with Norwich City Council on City charging plan
NCC Members have a local budget for community electric chargers
Safety concerns about gas vehicles needs to be considered some operators
already have a policy on the use of gas vehicles
Clean Growth
Ellen Goodwin led a reflections discussion on COP26, the Net Zero Strategy and the
Budget. The Board observed the following:
Businesses now much more involved and public awareness is high
SMEs have lots of priorities this is just one of them
Large businesses are facing pressure from their Board’s with respect to
The Public Affairs Committee has asked how we enable the population? Need the
right conditions Government coordination needed alongside LA focus/delivery
Haughley, Ely and the Integrated Rail Plan (IRR)
IRR focussed on Midlands and the North response to National Infrastructure
Commission study
Haughley and Ely are in the development pipeline. Working with Giles Watling MP
(GEML Taskforce) to keep up the pressure. Include Ipswich/Peterborough
ACTION Haughley and Ipswich/Peterborough messaging: Richard Perkins, Andrew
Summers, Cllr Phil Smart and Andrew Hudson
Maritime Decarbonisation
Concerted shift including Maersk and others
ACTION pick up next time
Transport East including Decarbonisation Baseline
Andrew Summers presented on the work to date on the Transport Strategy, Investment and
Delivery Programme and Integrated Sustainability Appraisal. The Strategy and supporting
documents are currently out to consultation:
ACTION Transport Board to draft response noting that the New Anglia LEP was a key
partner in developing the Strategy
He also updated on Transport Easts Decarbonisation baseline work. The Board noted that:
80% or emissions from cars in the UK come from journeys that are too far to
walk/cycle and have no public transport options available
Freeport East
Michael Cousens attended the meeting for this item.
The Freeport partners are still working through the formal designation process with
Government. There are three requirements for formal Freeport approval are:
1. An approved Outline Business Case (OBC)
2. At least one designated Tax site
3. At least one designated Customs site
Freeport East has submitted its OBC to DLUHC and responded to a small number of ‘critical
actions’ raised by Government. The partners are hopeful that the OBC will be approved
imminently. Details of all tax sites have been submitted to HMRC and a couple of minor
amendments made at their request. There are now in a position where they can go forward
into the necessary legislative process and the operators of two of the proposed Customs
sites are in discussion with HMRC to have those sites formally designated.
Steve Oliver asked about the wider transport piece and working with the initiative and
Transport East to develop further.
AOB including forward plan
Develop offer alongside Transport East
Clean growth focus
Task and finish approach
Confidence in public transport
Copdock and Roads Strategy consultation
Liftshare event next week
DONM tbd hybrid solution