New Anglia Transport Board
Connecting the East, Accessing the World
Meeting Note
9.00am, 6th September 2021 - Teams
In attendance:
Paul Ager Associated British Ports
Karen Chapman Suffolk Growth
Ali Clabburn Liftshare
David Cumming Norfolk County Council
Paul Davey Hutchison Ports
Jonathan Denby Greater Anglia
Nova Fairbank Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
Marie Finbow New Anglia LEP
Richard Gapper Federation of Small Businesses
Ellen Goodwin New Anglia LEP
Andrew Hudson Network Rail
Alan Kirkdale National Highways
Graeme Mateer Suffolk County Council
Andrew Mower Federation of Small Businesses
Richard Pace Norwich Airport
Richard Perkins Suffolk Chamber of Commerce
Jonathan Rudd New Anglia LEP
Cllr Philip Smart Suffolk District Councils
Chris Soule CLA
Andrew Summers Transport East
Esme Yuill Transport East
Lewis Boudville East Suffolk Council
Kerry Allen Suffolk County Council
Mark Ash Suffolk County Council
Andrew Harston Associated British Ports
James Bradley Network Rail
Jamie Burles Greater Anglia
Patrick Ladbury GT Railway
Paul Martin First Buses
Cllr Graham Plant Norfolk District Councils
Cllr Richard Smith MVO Suffolk County Council
Andy Walker Suffolk Chamber of Commerce
Cllr Martin Wilby Norfolk County Council
Minutes and matters arising
The minutes of the last meeting were agreed, and all actions were either complete or
covered by the agenda.
Richard Pace highlighted the ongoing debate on Airport Passenger Duty and Norwich
Airport’s work on Airport Carbon Accreditation benchmarking.
First Bus/ Liftshare collaboration
ACTION – deferred until next time
Norfolk and Suffolk Renewal Plan including clean growth update
Ellen Goodwin presented on the Renewal Plan and on clean growth.
Comments included:
Rail: need to include service aspirations as well infrastructure improvements. Also,
rail electrification needs to be considered as well as hydrogen. Rail freight is critical
to our region and to the nation’s ‘levelling up’ agenda. If we refer to this in a more
strategic manner i.e. Felixstowe to Midlands and North it will likely gain more traction.
The importance of all connectivity, particularly digital.
The criticality of delivery timescales was picked up.
Demand data was also highlighted as a key avenue to explore.
Rural/coastal mobility was picked up as an area which needed further exploration for
inclusion moving forward.
The outputs of the session will be documented and fed into the process of developing the
Renewal Plan.
Transport East Update
Draft Strategy
Andrew Summers updated the Board on the ongoing work on Transport East’s Strategy
highlighting the importance of Levelling Up, Global Britain, Decarbonisation and a user
centric approach. He highlighted how this year had seen every mode and theme in the
transport sector moved on in terms of policy in light of these considerations. Finally, he
stated how critical DfT felt a ‘single voice’ was in terms of strategy and investment moving
forward. The Strategy is due to be completed around the turn of the year.
Comprehensive Spending Review
Esme Yuill updated the Board on Transport East’s approach to the Comprehensive
Spending Review. She stated that STBs will be working together on shared priorities such
as the Ely Area Capacity Enhancement. The importance of ‘no regrets’ investment was
noted with respect to the Haughley rail junction. The Board also noted the criticality of
highway maintenance despite complexities.
Freeport East
Paul Davey updated the Board on the progress of Freeport East:
The Freeport East partners, led by East Suffolk Council and Hutchison Ports are
completing the Outline Business Case (OBC)
The OBC was agreed in principle by the Freeport East board on 3 September and
will be submitted to MHCLG on 10 September
Work on the Full Business Case (FBC) will follow submission of the OBC
The current deadline for FBC submission is 10 December
Freeport East has 3 combined tax/customs sites and 4 customs-only site
Formal approval of the first tax and customs sites will proceed in parallel with FBC
Freeports will need an approved OBC and at least one approved tax site and one
approved customs site to be formally designated by Government
North Anglia Study
Andrew Hudson updated the Board on the progress of Network Rail’s North Anglia Study.
He outlined how Suffolk would be taken forward first given the progress of projects in the
County, but concern was expressed with respect to what that meant for projects in Norfolk.
He noted that Trowse was being taken forward by the Business Development Team and that
East West Rail would likely be picked up by future modules too. It was noted that the map
ought to include a link from Cambridge to Oxford.
Forward plan
ACTION – all to consider an in-person meeting and feedback accordingly.
Chris Soule highlighted maintenance signage concerns on the A143 between Diss and
ACTION – NCC and SCC to take back to their appropriate teams