New Anglia Transport Board
Regional Connectivity and Our Priority Places
Meeting Note
9.30am, 15
June 2021 - Teams
In attendance:
Paul Ager
James Bradley
Suzanne Buck
Ali Clabburn
David Cumming
Jonathan Denby
Ellen Goodwin
Mark Hand
Richard Hunt
Paul Martin
Graeme Mateer
Steve Oliver
Richard Pace
Richard Perkins
Cllr Graham Plant
Jonathan Rudd
Cllr Phil Smart
Chris Soule
Andrew Summers
Andy Walker
Laura Waters
Pete Waters
Cllr Martin Wilby
Michael Brown
Sara Noonan
Mark Ash
Jamie Burles
Paul Davey
John Dugmore
Nova Fairbank
Andrew Harston
Patrick Ladbury
Andrew Mower
Cllr Richard Smith MVO
Steve Wickers
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Transport Board to comment on the Destination Management Plan at the appropriate time.
Further explore active travel and integrated ticketing as part of the greener travel choices
Consider the linkages between the Transport Board and Clean Growth Taskforce in greater
detail at the next meeting.
All to respond to Andrew Summers and Laura Waters on the draft strategy for Transport
East, rural mobility and net zero carbon pathway questions outlined below.
All to consider how they might like to engage with reducing their commuting emissions.
ew Anglia
LEP and
Councils to
user centr
1. Minutes and matters arising
The last meeting note was agreed.
East-West Rail letter has been drafted by Transport East to be co-signed by LEP after the
endorsement of the preliminary Strategic Outline Business Case by the East-West Rail
Consortium. All other actions covered by the agenda or complete.
2. Transport: the tourism and visitor economy sector view
Pete Waters, Executive Director of Visit East Anglia attended and gave his view on the importance
of transport connectivity to tourism and visitor economy businesses. He highlighted the ambition
to be the ‘environmentally friendly region of choice’. He also highlighted a number of key transport
hubs of importance: Norwich and Stansted Airports, the Ports of Harwich and Great Yarmouth
(and Lowestoft) and the opportunity for ‘levelling up’ internationally with respect to the more typical
London/West/Shakespeare focus. He stated that Cambridge was a key day trip location for those
staying in London and the opportunity that presented as well as the importance of east-west
connectivity. Interestingly he noted that many people found ease of access a contributory factor to
their visitor experience but said there was further opportunity for signposting from London and
more active travel options once here. Finally, Pete asked the Transport Board for their comment
on the Destination Management Plan once the draft was finalised.
ACTION – Transport Board to comment at the appropriate time.
Comments included:
Wide support from Greater Anglia
Active travel challenges in rural areas – preferred route app option?
Integrated ticketing options to be explored again – possible ‘tourist ticket’
Explore opportunities associated with ‘Masters of the Air’ series planned for late 2022
ACTION – explore as part of the greener travel choices workstrand
3. Clean Growth
Clean Growth Taskforce
Ali Clabburn was nominated as the Transport Board’s representative on the Clean Growth
ACTION – consider the linkages between this Board and the Taskforce in greater detail at
the next meeting.
Greener travel choices
Ali Clabburn and Jonathan Denby updated the Board on the work they’ve been leading on with
respect to greener travel choices. Despite public awareness of climate change being higher than
ever it’s even more challenging to get people to make greener travel choices. The sub-group of
this Board and others have carried on discussing the topic and highlighted the importance of
disassociating being green/clean with the need for economic renewal and the importance of
people/users. Integration and whole journey has also been highlighted. Other topics include
flexible ticketing, the tourism/visitor economy sector, coordinated messaging and quick wins.
Comments include:
Ely consultation
Norwich Airport net zero ambitions focussed on emissions, electricity and access
New GEML business case and recent Ministerial letter focussing more on performance and
journey times than capacity
ACTION – set up another greener travel choices sub-group meeting
4. Transport East update
Draft strategy pre-consultation
Andrew Summers and Laura Waters presented the work to date on the Transport East Strategy
and the foci of Rural Mobility and Net Zero.
Andrew confirmed that Transport East’s business plan will be published this week and that DfT
have confirmed £520,000 of funding for this financial year.
Ministers have set Transport East a clear direction:
“to develop and maintain a transport strategy for their region; and to use this to provide advice
on prioritising investment to the Secretary of State”
“This year the Department for Transport’s (DfT) key priorities are to:
Improve connectivity to grow and level up the economy;
Decarbonise transport;
Improve transport for the user;
Increase the UK’s global impact.”