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Engagement Pack Background Note
The LEP working with partners have started work on developing an Economic Renewal Plan
for Norfolk and Suffolk.
The Renewal Plan will build on our local vision and aspirations. It will look at the areas
strengths and the actions and commitments which are needed to grow a much greater
economic and environmental resilient future for Norfolk and Suffolk.
It will not be a new strategy but an evolution of existing plans – bringing the Economic
Strategy, Local Industrial Strategy and the Restart Plan into one.
It will look to refine our collective ambitions and strengths helping to focus actions and
interventions where the biggest gains and impact can be achieved.
We will need to review and agree what success looks like and how we measure it.
We need to remain agile to the continually changing landscape being able to adapt the
actions and interventions as the circumstances change.
As the ‘UK’s Clean Growth Region’ and the pressing need to take action against climate
change it is critical that the Renewal Plan drives a clean, zero carbon recovery.
How can you help in developing the Renewal Plan?
The Renewal plan will be co-designed from bottom up to ensure the strategy is informed and
secure buy in from all partners which will lead to the success in delivery. It needs to clearly
different roles of partners to maximise our efforts and resources and achieve efficiencies and
ultimately our collective goals.
Creating an economy that is more resilient and sustainable and that benefits all, cannot be
delivered by one partner alone or by one strand of investment or actions. We need gather as
many views, thoughts and ideas from as many partners and stakeholders as possible.
Throughout July, August and September there will be a range of engagement activities and
events for partners to get involved with to help shape the Renewal Plan, including:
A series of virtual workshops which will be open to all partners to attend with the aim of
bringing together a range of people from cross discipline and expertise.
A series of focused workshops with the LEP Sub Boards and Industry councils.
An On-line form supported by a short video to capture feedback from anyone who is unable
to join a engagement session and would like to input.
A Newsletter will be circulated every 5 – 6 weeks to provide partners an update on
LEP Board, Local Authority Leaders and Sector Chairs sessions to be arrange in
September to examine emerging ideas and actions and give the Board and Leaders the
opportunity to get involved in developing them further.
Norfolk and Suffolk
Economic Renewal Plan
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Partner events This is where we need your help. These are sessions that are run by the
partner organisations themselves or supported by members of the LEP.
A scripted engagement slide deck and supporting feedback template has been developed to
support these events.
What is the Engagement Pack for?
The engagement pack provides background information on the national and local context
and the approach we are taking in developing the Renewal Plan. It sets out the evidence
base, current interventions and our aspirations.
The engagement pack is designed to enable partners to stimulate discussion and input into
shaping the Plan.
The aim of the engagement sessions are to:
Review how the Norfolk and Suffolk economy is doing and test some of the emerging
Review the current actions and interventions in place and check if they are still fit for
Develop new actions and interventions need to make Norfolk and Suffolk economy
renew and grow in a way that makes it more resilient, innovative, and benefits all our
How should the Engagement Pack be used?
This pack is designed so that individual sections can be used in a standalone way, or
the whole pack can be used if that suits a specific session. Each slide has a notes
page that explains what the slide shows and the main points that could be made in
the presentation.
Please use the slides and questions to focus discussion on developing clear actions,
focusing on what, how, who and when, not just general issues or requirements.
“more technical skills” isn’t enough, for example.
The questions are specifically designed to focus on the actions needed to deliver
growth and productivity gains within the strategic opportunities – Clean Growth, Agri
Food, Clean Energy, ICT/Digital Creative and the themes of People, Business and
Please provide input and feedback using the feedback template provided, and email
it to [email protected]ewanglia.co.uk
If you would like to discuss the session you are planning to use the engagement pack
for, the LEP team would be happy to arrange a chat, please contact Marie Finbow.
The LEP team are keen to hear about any planned session please email Marie
Finbow and let us know so we can include it on the engagement plan.
What Happens Next?
All input and ideas generated through these discussions and sent back to us will inform how
we develop actions and interventions, which will then be tested with partners before the
strategy is finalised.