Kelly Howard, SHE dmin, Wates Constructon Limited
Where did you go to school? Scotland
What path did you take to get to your current positon? Highers at
school then working in various offices and industries
What subjects did you study? History, English, Computer Science, Office Studies
How many jobs have you had, and can you name them? Customer service in a call centre͖
Receptonist͖ Office ssistant͖ ccount Manager͖ Personal ssistant͖ Security guard/Prison
Escort͖ Team Secretary͖ Maintenance Contract Manager͖ SHE dministrator
What school subjects link to your career? Office studies, maths, English
typical day in your current role looks like: Supportng the site team, filing, booking
meetngs and training.
What skills do you use daily, that you learnt at school? Organisatonal skills from office
What is the number #1 piece of advice you’ve been given that helped you with your ca-
reer choice? Find something you like or love and the money will naturally follow as you will
be more dedicated and get beter at your job.
What is the average salary for this role? £30,000
If you could have done anything differently on your career journey, what would it be?
Gone to university
Why do you love your job?
Because I get to do all the things I like to go and shape and organise
my role within the business͘ Freedom to plan my own workday͘