Local Transport Board Meeting Note
9.00am Monday 18th July 2016
Endeavour House Ipswich
Board Attendance
David Abbott
Highways England
Tig Armstrong
Norfolk County Council
Nick Burfield
Suffolk Chamber of Commerce
Jamie Burles
Abellio Greater Anglia
Justin Wythe
Ipswich Buses
David Cumming
Norfolk County Council
Paul S Davey
Cllr James Finch
Suffolk County Council
Paul Horne
Suffolk County Council
Neeraj Kaushal
DfT Northern Transport Strategy Team
Graeme Mateer
Suffolk County Council
Karl Murphy
Richard Pace
Norwich International Airport
Mark Pendlington (Chair)
New Anglia LEP
Richard Perkins
Suffolk Chamber of Commerce
Richard Schofield
Network Rail
Chris Soule
Country Land Owners and Business Associations
Chris Starkie
New Anglia LEP
Simon Amor
Highways England
Andrew Bell
Norwich International Airport
Keith Brown
Visit East Anglia
Richard Burnett
Road Haulage Association
Jonathan Cage
Norfolk Chamber of Commerce
Ali Clabburn
Cllr Stuart Clancy
Norfolk County Council
John Dugmore
Suffolk Chamber of Commerce
Richard Ellis
Visit East Anglia
Graeme Ferguson
MAG Airports (Stansted)
Larry Heyman
GT Railways
Charles Horton
GoVia (GT Railways)
John Howells
Road Haulage Association
Lee Sambrook
David Squire
First Group
Richard Tunnicliffe
CBI, East of England
Dave Watson
Suffolk County Council
Caroline Williams
Norfolk Chamber of Commerce
Hannah Grimes
Norfolk County Council
Emily Manser
New Anglia LEP
Jeremy Cooper
Ipswich Buses
Vince Muspratt
Norfolk County Council
Public attendance
Cllr Guy McGregor
Suffolk County Council
1. Welcome and Introductions
The Chair welcomed delegates and thanked them for their commitment to the LTB.
2. Minutes and Matters Arising
The February 2016 minutes were agreed.
Cllr James Finch asked about the renewal of the East Anglia franchise.
In response, Jamie Burles said that the evaluation was ongoing; there had been a
delay due to Brexit but it was now back on track. An announcement might be
expected in the first week of August.
Mark Pendlington added that the Rail Task Force was pressing for an announcement
as soon as possible.
3. Feedback from NALEP Board
Chris Starkie updated the Board:
 Growth Deal 3: Deadline for the LEP’s submission is 28 July. The LEP Board
meets this week to sign off the bid. The LEP had a challenge session with
Michael Heseltine. There will be a decision on the bid by the Autumn Statement.
He outlined that the moneys would be for 2019/20 and 2020/21. Decisions about
which projects would receive funding would be made at a later date.
 The Board discussed any potential implications arising from Brexit.
 The Board received a report on programme implementation.
ACTION: Chris Starkie to seek support of MPs for Growth Deal Three
Cllr Guy McGregor asked about Segway (Suffolk Energy Gateway, formerly known
as the Four Villages Bypass). Chris Starkie stated that the Board had previously
supported this project through the local major transport scheme funding bid process.
Karl Murphy indicated that it was likely that DfT would make a decision regarding this
funding stream by the end of the week (22 July).
Mark Pendlington updated on Devolution. He stated that government is now open for
two deals, one for Norfolk and Suffolk, and one for the Cambridgeshire area. Public
consultation runs until 23 August. If it proceeds there would be a Mayoral election in
May 2017. In terms of funding, he outlined the deal included:
£25m for 30 years
£275m over five years for transport
£130m for housing.
Chris Soule asked about the districts that had decided not to be part of the deal. In
response Mark stated that the legal advice was that they cannot opt in until 3-4
years’ time.
The LEP has organised three business breakfasts as part of the consultation:
26 July Ipswich UCS
28 July University of the Arts, Norwich
29 July Bury St Edmunds West Suffolk College.
ACTION: Chris Starkie to circulate invitations
4. Roads Deep Dive
David Cumming gave an overview of roads, indicating:
 The split between local authority roads and the strategic road network (trunk
roads funded and maintained by government through Highways England).
 Funding allocations for local authority roads.
 Decision-making process for local authority roads.
David Abbott presented on the strategic road network:
 Although trunk roads form only 3% of the network they take 33% of the traffic.
 Highways England is working on developing the trunk road programme post-2020
(known as RIS2).
 There is a call for evidence, closing date end July.
 An Options Assessment report would be completed during autumn into the New
 Route Strategies would be published March 2017.
In discussions, the following points arose:
 Nick Burfield indicated the importance of the A14 and A1307 to Suffolk’s
 Mark Pendlington asked what the LTB could do to best make the case for
investment into the region’s trunk roads. In response David Abbott stated that
good quality evidence is being looked for, although one shouldn’t underestimate
the influence of lobbying.
 Cllr James Finch suggested that this was a long timescale, looking forward to
2025. He stated that Mildenhall Fiveways (on the A11) was important. He said
that there were currently problems at this junction and asked how often Highways
England looked at priorities. David Abbott said in response that RIS2 was largely
for major schemes. Where there are problems, including of safety, they have
separate funding streams that could be used for shorter-term measures.
 Paul Davey asked about the National Infrastructure Commission, and the
relationship between this, the National Infrastructure Plan and RIS2. In response,
David Abbott stated that there was a close relationship.
5. Governance: Directions of Travel
Neeraj Kaushal gave an overview of how transport governance across the country
was shaping up, particularly in respect of Sub National Local Transport Bodies
(SNLTBs). He summarised the department’s work with Transport for the North and
some of the governance issues and initiatives. On SNLTBs he outlined that
government saw perhaps five to seven across the country.
In discussions, Cllr Guy McGregor raised the recent meeting that had taken place
including with Essex and Hertfordshire.
6. Integrated Transport Strategy
Tig Armstrong gave an overview of progress with the transport strategy the Board
has been working on. He outlined how it was important to cover a wider area, and
that the work should look long-term. Tig said that, to help this long-term look, some
work looking at modelling economic scenarios would be commissioned. It would be
important as part of the work to consider the economic benefits of transport.
Paul Davey asked if a date should be set for creation of an SNTB, and how this
might look given the involvement of Cambridgeshire with the Economic Heartland
proposition. Neeraj Kaushal stated that places could be a member of one SNTB
only, but could be a sub-member of more than one.
It was agreed for the next meeting of the Board:
 To invite David Brown, Chief Executive of Transport for the North
 A timetable for moving towards an SNTB
 Guidance on what its geography might look like
 To arrange visit to Transport for the North
 To seek a political sponsor for a SNTB for the East.
ACTION: Tig Armstrong
Chris Soule asked whether a briefing could be done on the new government Cabinet
members. Chris Starkie agreed to circulate a briefing he was doing for the LEP
ACTION: Chris Starkie
7. Growth Deal
This had been covered under Item 3, and so was not discussed further.
8. Transport and Infrastructure Updates
Richard Pace outlined that the Regional Air Connectivity Fund has been put on hold.
This is extremely important for Norwich International Airport to build regional routes.
He also stated that the Air Passenger Duty could be a driver for the strategy.
ACTION: Letter from Board in support of APD (Draft from Richard Pace)
Jamie Burles stated that - in the absence of any new franchise appointment - it was
business as usual. Investment is continuing with the completion of the refurbishment
of the Inter City rolling stock. This stock is now the most reliable Inter City stock in
the country.
ACTION: GEML Task Force to meet train operator following award of franchise
Richard Schofield summarised that the programme for Control Period Six is being
put together, delayed until late 2016 / early 2017. He stated that major engineering
works will be undertaken on the GEML between autumn and Christmas, and over
the Christmas period. The line would be blocked from 25/12 to 2/1.
Richard also outlined their work on level crossings. Phase 1 consultation is done;
there were 860 representations. Phase 2 starts in September.
Justin Wythe stated that they were seeing passenger growth following their recent
frequency increases but that bus infrastructure improvements were needed in
Ipswich for further improvements to be realised.
Paul Davey asked that the Board encourage the National Infrastructure Commission
to look at the needs of this area.
It was agreed to invite the NIC to the late autumn meeting.
ACTION: NCC Secretariat
It was agreed to add updates on ports and buses to subsequent agendas.
ACTION: NCC Secretariat
Local Transport Major Schemes: NCC SCC
Rail: Jamie Burles
GEML campaign: Progress Report: Mark Pendlington
9. Date of next meeting
10.30-12.30 Friday 2nd September in the Cranworth Room, County Hall,