Local Transport Board Meeting Note
10.30-12.30 Tuesday 6th June 2017
Players Suite, Portman Road football ground, Ipswich
Board Attendance:
Cllr Martin Wilby
Norfolk County Council
Hannah Grimes
Norfolk County Council
David Cumming
Norfolk County Council
Emily Manser
New Anglia LEP
Chris Starkie
New Anglia LEP
Mark Pendlington
New Anglia LEP
Jamie Burles
Greater Anglia
Richard Pace
Norwich International Airport
Giles Perkins
Mouchel Ltd
Tom Stead
Network Rail
Simon Amor
Highways England
Andrew Cook
Ipswich Buses
Paul Davey
Hutchinson Ports
Karl Murphy
Belinda Godbold
Suffolk County Council
Richard Perkins
Suffolk Chamber of Commerce
Cllr Guy McGregor
Suffolk County Council
Cllr James Finch
Suffolk County Council
Graeme Mateer
Suffolk County Council
Paul Horne
Suffolk County Council
Tracy Jessop
Norfolk County Council
Vince Muspratt
Norfolk County Council
Philip Broadbent- Yale
Nick Burfield
Suffolk Chamber of Commerce
Jon Barnard
Suffolk County Council
Suzanne Buck
Suffolk County Council
Laurie Egan
Norfolk County Council
Steve Wickers
First Buses
Public attendance:
Carolyn Barnes
Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District
Andrew Bell
Norwich International Airport
Charles Horton
GT Railway
Chris Soule
Country Land Owners and Business
Larry Heyman
GT Railway
Martin Fellows
Highways England
Ollie Starbuck
East Midlands trains
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Richard Schofield
Network Rail
Richard Tunnicliffe
Confederation of British industry
Sue Roper
Suffolk County Council
Dave Watson
Suffolk County Council
Cllr Stuart Clancy
Norfolk County Council
Jonathan Cage
Norfolk Chamber of Commerce
Nova Fairbank
Norfolk Chamber of Commerce
William Hall
Stansted Airport
Chris Wiggan
Stansted Airport
Welcome and Introductions
Mark Pendlington welcomed the Board.
Minutes and Matters Arising
The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 1st March were agreed.
Buses deep dive
Laurie Egan and Steve Wickers presented to the Board. The presentation is
Belinda Godbold also presented to the Board about Total Transport. The
presentation is attached
Integrated Transport Strategy (during the meeting this item followed item 5)
Chris Starkie provided some background to the Board. The Integrated
Transport Strategy and review of the Economic strategy have been aligned
with each other. The evidence has now been collected ready for the
Economic Strategy and over the next few weeks there will be a range of
workshops. The Transport Strategy will be going to the July LEP Board ready
for sign off with the intention of launching the Strategy at Westminster in
Giles Perkins updated the Board on progress with the Transport Strategy. The
Strategy is striking a balance between the problems of today and challenges
in the future by looking at the economy of the East and changes in transport.
We need to find ways of keeping people economically active in an aging
population. The Transport Strategy is being written from the view of the East
and is considering changes at a spatial level. The text circulated for the
meeting will form the glossy document which will be around 28 pages. Giles
also mentioned the need for an Action Plan which will look at who, why and
what needs to be undertaken.
Mark Pendlington asked the Board if they feel their area of expertise was fairly
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The Board felt the Strategy underplays:
 Stansted: its importance to the area and its economy, and the
importance of links to it as there is a huge capacity that needs to be
 Haverhill: A large, growing town of increasing importance and the
importance of its connections to Cambridge.
 Cycling and walking: their importance
 Importance of the East’s ‘Golden Triangle’ (Cambridge, Ipswich, and
Norwich) and the lack of reference to the Platinum triangle.
 Importance of Great Yarmouth / Lowestoft economy which appear to
be dismissed as coastal
 Liftshare as it is not just located in Norwich.
Giles informed the Board that he expects to have the draft glossy document
next week. It will include the above comments from the Board.
Upper Orwell Crossings and Lowestoft Lake Lothing Crossing
Suzanne Buck presented to the Board about the Upper Orwell Crossings. The
presentation is attached.
Jon Barnard presented to the Board about the Lowestoft Lake Lothing
Crossing. The presentation is attached.
LEP Board
Chris Starkie informed the Board of a review being undertaken looking at the
governance and operation of the LEP. He explained that DCLG have also
reviewed the LEP’s processes throughout the country. He explained that there
are currently 25 capital projects underway across Growth Deal 1, 2 and 3.
Chris informed the Board that funding has been provided for the wine rack in
Ipswich and that Proserv is relocating to Beacon Park on a 20 year lease with
construction starting on a new building yesterday. £10m has also been put
toward the East Coast College. Business support has also now been provided
to over 6,000 businesses.
Sub National Transport Bodies
Further discussions are needed with neighbouring counties.
Simon Amor updated the Board explaining that in the current road programme
there are six schemes on the A47 and some on the A12. Highways England
have carried out public consultation and expect to announce the outcomes
later this year.
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Richard Pace updated the Board explaining that Norwich International Airport
have had a good year to the end of March with more leisure flights. There are
now around 520,000 passengers a year. The Airport Masterplan consultation
has also now finished and the airport have spent over £1m on taxi ranks.
Jamie Burles updated the Board and stated that the 1,000 new carriages are
broadly on track. There is also enabling works being undertaken such as
power upgrades, platform extensions, level crossings and work on a new
depo which are also broadly on track.
The East Midlands Trains update is attached.
Tom Stead from Network Rail explained that in Felixstowe there is a public
enquiry following the Transport and Works Act Order.
Felixstowe is on the main alliance for controlling shipping capacity for two out
of three areas. Brexit may have an impact on shipping. The largest container
ship in the world will be arriving at Felixstowe on 21st June.
Following the earlier presentation there was no further buses update.
There was no update.
Philip Broadbent- Yale informed the Board that sustrans are undertaking an
audit of the national cycle network.
ACTION: HG to add sustrans to the agenda.
Date of next meeting
10.30-12.30 Tuesday 5th September in Norwich.
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