Local Transport Board Meeting Note
10.30-12.30 Friday 2nd September 2016
Cranworth Room, County Hall, Norwich
Board Attendance:
Mark Pendlington (Chair)
New Anglia LEP
Mark Stanton
New Anglia LEP
Tig Armstrong
Norfolk County Council
Steve Hooker
Network Rail
Jamie Burles
Abellio Greater Anglia
Dave Watson
Suffolk County Council
Cllr James Finch
Suffolk County Council
Sue Roper
Suffolk County Council
Graeme Mateer
Suffolk County Council
Richard Perkins
Suffolk Chamber of Commerce
Steve Wickers
First Bus
Jeremy Cooper
Ipswich Buses
Ali Clabburn
Tracy Jessop
Norfolk County Council
Cllr Martin Wilby
Norfolk County Council
Vince Muspratt
Norfolk County Council
Cllr Stuart Clancy
Norfolk County Council
Nigel Allsopp
Highways England
Karl Murphy
Christopher Soule
Country Land Owners and Business
Amy Harhoff
Transport for the North
Ollie Starbuck
East Midlands Trains
Kyle Pratt
East Midlands Trains
Hannah Grimes
Norfolk County Council
Carolyn Barnes
East Suffolk Councils
Andrew Bell
Norwich International Airport
Charles Horton
Gt railway
Chris Starkie
New Anglia LEP
David Cumming
Norfolk County Council
Emily Manser
New Anglia LEP
Graeme Ferguson
Mag airports (Stansted)
John Dugmore
Suffolk Chamber of Commerce
Larry Heyman
Gt railway
Paul Davey
Felixstowe port
Paul Horne
Suffolk County Council
Nick Burfield
Suffolk Chamber of Commerce
Richard Pace
Norwich International Airport
Richard Schofield
Network rail
Richard Tunnicliffe
Confederation of British industry
Simon Amor
Highways England
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Cllr Guy McGregor
Suffolk County Council
1. Welcome and Introductions
The Chair welcomed delegates and thanked them for their commitment to the LTB.
2. Minutes and Matters Arising
The 18th July minutes were agreed subject to the following changes:
 Richard Perkins was an apology.
 Move Cllr Guy McGregor’s attendance.
Action: Chris Starkie to recirculate the brief on new DfT ministers (action from the
last Board meeting).
3. Feedback from NALEP Board
Mark Stanton updated the Board:
The New Anglia LEP is currently bidding for Growth Deal Three. Government has
informed the LEP that Brexit won’t impact on the decisions or possible funding,
but that a negative decision on devolution might have a detrimental impact. The
final proposal was submitted on the 25th July, following a challenge session with
Lord Heseltine on the 14th July. The full Growth Deal Three bid was signed off by
the LEP Board on the 20th July and was shared with local authority leaders and
Chief executives. The bid was for a programme of schemes.
4. East Anglia Rail Franchise
Mark Pendlington congratulated Jamie Burles on Abellio Greater Anglia’s
success in winning the bid for the East Anglia Rail Franchise. Mark also wanted
to say a huge thank you to everyone who had contributed to the campaign. There
is a GEML Task Force conference next week at Westminster, to be attended by
the new Rail Minister Paul Maynard. Other members of the Board also put
forward their congratulations and support for Abellio.
Jamie Burles also thanked everyone for their support and for speaking with one
voice and lobbying, as it helped DfT accept the ambitious document. Abellio have
operated two short franchises which often result in little investment. The region
has waited for a long term franchise to help encourage a large investment.
Jamie informed the Board of the main headlines within the winning bid:
 This will be a 9 year franchise to 2025.
 There will be a full fleet replacement which is the biggest in history. The
carriages currently are on average 27 years old. The new trains will arrive
within a space of 18 months starting from 2019.
 The main aspects from a customer perspective are aircon, wifi, a better
passenger environment and a more reliable service.
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The trains will be much more reliable as the newest trains operate 70,000
miles before a fault occurs, however the current 40 year old trains can operate
for as little as 10,000 miles before a fault can occur.
There will be new trains across the Board with a tripling of capacity when the
new trains come in.
The Diesel engines will power the trains where they don’t operate under the
wires. The new Swiss trains are very effective in extreme temperatures.
Currently Abellio and Network Rail are in discussions around validating the
timetables and are discussing what can be done in the future to improve the
rail network.
There will be a Norwich to Stansted direct route and more services to Great
Yarmouth. There will be an additional 1134 services a week with a 55%
capacity increase to London. There will also be digital information displays on
every station. There will be free wifi, automated delay repay and an additional
72 extra carriages will be brought in to bolster services from January.
Abellio have 18 months to roll out the new fleet with the introduction of 1050
In the following discussions it was asked whether there were talks around
creating new and improved lines looking to the North and West. There are
discussions occurring around the ideas but there needs to be a case put
There was consensus that the work of the GEML task force now moves into a
new phase, to include lobbying for the required investments by Network Rail
and while supporting Abellio in its new franchise, monitoring performance
standards including customer service in coming years.
Governance: Directions of Travel
Mark Pendlington extended his thanks to Amy Harhoff, Strategy Director,
Transport for the North, for attending the Board meeting.
Amy Harhoff gave a presentation about the Transport for the North (TfN):
 Transport for the North covers 11 enterprise areas comprising of City and
non-city areas along with different partnerships.
 The area contains 16 million people with a few core cities.
 TfN decided there were four areas where collectively as a region the north
had a particular specialism, these were advanced manufacturing, digital,
health innovation and energy. Having an evidence based position
provided a competitive advantage.
 Looking at a transformational growth scenario provided evidence that
there could be an increase of £97 billion GVA but this could only happen
with investment.
 The Strategic transport plan looks long term accounting for the 5 year
political cycle and route investment strategy. The plan looks long term and
is a 5-10 year multi investment plan looking at a multi modal approach.
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 The projects have been prioritised by looking at deliverability and the best
value for public sector money and economic outputs.
 The document is a living document but has to be relevant long time. TfN
looks at rail, freight and logistics. A report will be released on Monday
about freight.
 TfN will become the first SNTB in spring 2017 providing a greater role for
observing objectives and having influence on investment. Critically it looks
at how to get investment right with the private sector.
 It is important to have relationships with multiple agencies it is not about
devolution. Authorities are updating their transport plans and TfNs work
needs to understand these plans to. There will be a strategic transport
plan draft by spring 2017 which will be consulted on.
In the following discussions the following points were made:
 The East integrated transport strategy should look wider than just Norfolk
and Suffolk and look at all modes of transport.
 Deciding on the geography of the area is difficult. Working closely with
neighbours and being clear on the purpose of strategy are paramount to
creating an effective outcome.
 Having an independent economic review to inform plans without repetition
of other work helps to form the plans. To create an effective plan there
needs to be quality evidence and everyone needs to be clear on what you
are asking and why.
 The strength of the north is the ability to publically speak to Government
with one voice. Difficult to get everyone to agree. Funding comes directly
from government for transport for the North.
 For the North future assumptions on behavioural and technological
change would not change views on many planned roads.
 TfN sees itself as more of an influencing body at the front end not and not
directly related to the delivery aspects.
Mark thanked Amy for attending the meeting. Amy informed the Board that the
TfN CEO was prepared to meet the LTB when our plans had progressed further;
and that there is an open invitation to members to visit TfN.
Action: Circulate slides. Consider all points made in the first draft of our
integrated transport strategy.
Integrated Transport Strategy
Tig Armstrong updated the Board on progress with the integrated transport
Norfolk County Council, Suffolk County Council and the New Anglia LEP have
been working together to engage a consultant and produce a first report.
Mouchel has been invited to help with the work as they have worked with TfN
and have lots of in house expertise. Mouchel have been asked to provide a
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promotional document for the East for other business investors covering the
strategic visioning. Behind this document there will be a document explaining
where the investment opportunities still are.
Mark agreed and pointed out the need to align Mouchels work with expertise on
the Board.
Action: All to send any comments back on their response to the brief.
In the following discussions the following points were made:
 The Board needs to look wider than Norfolk and Suffolk. Essex wants to
do a project covering the east. The transport strategy should be related to
 It was suggested that key to the work is competitive advantage and it sits
in an innovation strategy.
Action: Hold a special meeting which is more creative and innovative possibly
inviting Giles.
Action: Circulate Mouchel brief.
Sub National Transport Bodies
Tracy Jessop presented to the Board:
In the following discussions for the following points were made:
 There have been discussions in the past few days about the pros and
cons with joining up with different areas.
 There is a danger that if the Board could try to focus on too many things
when the strength of an SNTB would be to maximise the collective voice.
The strategy will need to be clear about a few key projects that everyone
agrees and supports and focus on those.
Action: Norfolk County Council and Suffolk County Council to write a headlines
and direction of travel paper before next meeting. The Board needs to see
progress at every meeting.
Action: Circulate the slides.
Growth Deal
Mark Stanton updated the Board:
There was a call for projects over the summer which received significant interest.
The LEP has awarded 300 grants and helped find £97 million of private match
funding to June 2016.
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Mark also informed the Board about the MIPIM event in London on 19th October
which provides opportunities for international investment in the East. There is a
pitch book of investable opportunities which can be updated. The Board were
also informed of the new LEP Board member Jeanette Wheeler of Birketts who
is replacing David Marsh.
Note: The LEP AGM is being held on Tuesday 27th September the meeting will
be at 2pm with lunch at 12.30pm. Mark is happy for any member of the Board to
attend. If anyone wishes to attend the meeting please can you contact Charlotte
Transport and Infrastructure Updates
 Major schemes: Great Yarmouth has received funding from the fast track
local majors fund. Suffolk already have funding for the Lowestoft Third
River Crossing and the Upper Orwell Crossing.
 Roads- Highways England have been consulting on RIS2 and route
strategies and have received a massive response. Highways England
expect a first glimpse at the consultation outcomes in October or
 Air- to be circulated.
 Rail- East Midlands trains are sending out an invitation to tender and are
expecting expressions of interest in December this year.
 Network Rail- are improving digital investment in the railway starting in
Norwich, Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft.
 Buses- First Group is investing in new vehicles and they are in their third
year of refurbishment with wifi added to a number of buses.
 Sustainable transport- Liftshare have received record growth in the first
part of this year. Uber are also doing very well throughout the country,
everyone needs to understand the demand locally.
 DfT- Calls for projects for the access fund finish on the 9th September.
Both Norfolk and Suffolk are submitting bids.
Action: Circulate Stansted update.
Action: December meeting East Midlands trains to talk to the Board about the
next franchise and inform the Board on how they can help.
10. AOB
Chris Soule wanted to inform the Board about issues around roadworks and how
they affect farmers during the summer. In addition it has taken a long time to get
a strategic consultation process for rail, there are a lot of farmers who are
unhappy about closures of level crossings. Farmers have not been able to put in
their views around rail into a consultation.
Cllr James Finch endorsed Chris Soule’s point. Network Rail undertook to follow-
up on this point.
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11. Date of next meeting
10.30-12.15 Thursday 1st December in the Britten Room, Endeavour House,
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