Local Transport Board Meeting Note
10.30-12.30 Tuesday 5th September 2017
Seminar Room, Ground Floor, International Aviation Academy, Norwich.
Board Attendance:
David Cumming
Norfolk County Council
Paul Horne
Suffolk County Council
Graeme Mateer
Suffolk County Council
Cllr James Finch
Suffolk County Council
Chris Starkie
New Anglia LEP
Emily Manser
New Anglia LEP
Joseph Chroston- Bell
Network Rail
Richard Taylor
Network Rail
David Abbott
Highways England
Richard Perkins
Suffolk Chamber of Commerce
Nick Burfield
Suffolk Chamber of Commerce
Ollie Starbuck
East Midlands Trains
Andy Bird
East Midlands Trains
Ali Clabburn
Jonathan Denby
Greater Anglia
Nova Fairbank
Norfolk Chamber of Commerce
Karl Murphy
Department for Transport
Ian Taylor
Norfolk County Council
Philip Broadbent- Yale
Cllr Guy McGregor
Suffolk County Council
Cllr Martin Wilby
Norfolk County Council
Tracy Jessop
Norfolk County Council
Jonathan Rudd
New Anglia LEP
Christopher Soule
Country Land Owners and Business
Hannah Grimes
Norfolk County Council
Public attendance:
Carolyn Barnes
East Suffolk District Council
Andrew Bell
Norwich Airport
Chris Wiggan
Dave Watson
Suffolk County Council
Jamie Burles
Greater Anglia
John Dugmore
Suffolk Chamber of Commerce
Larry Heyman
Gt Railway
Marie Finbow
New Anglia LEP
Mark Pendlington
New Anglia LEP
Martin Fellows
Highways England
Paul Davey
Felixstowe Port
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Richard Pace
Norwich Airport
Richard Schofield
Network Rail
Richard Tunnicliffe
Confederation of British industry
Simon Amor
Highways England
Steve Wickers
First Group
Sue Roper
Suffolk County Council
Tom Stead
Network Rail
Welcome and Introductions
Cllr Finch explained Mark Pendlington had asked if he could stand in as Chair
as Mark was unable to make the meeting.
Minutes and matters arising Tuesday 6th June
The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 6th June were agreed.
Norwich Northern Distributor Road presentation
Ian Taylor presented an aerial video of the Norwich Northern Distributor Road.
Some key points were:
Postwick Hub opened Christmas 2015
8 bridges in all over the NNDR
There were multiple public utility diversions.
There will be a green bridge on a disused railway.
Construction is aiming to be completed around March 2018.
Richard Perkins stated he was delighted that the road is coming forward as it
will improve access.
Ian informed the Board that the DCO process meant the site clearance was
advanced to commence before the nesting season.
Tracy Jessop explained that the route is through untouched land on a live
network, changes to the weather may change things last minute resulting in
disruption. The PR presence on Facebook with immediate updates has
received a positive response as people appreciate the fact that things change.
4. Great Yarmouth Third River Crossing presentation
Mark Kemp presented to the Board. The presentation is attached.
The following points came up in discussion:
Linking cycling and walking routes to the Broads is another benefit as
connectivity is important to maintain.
Mark informed the Board that NCC is in dialogue with the Port and they
are involved in the development of the scheme.
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Ali Clabburn enquired as to whether the public may be confused by the
fact there are currently two projects using the title of Third River
Crossings, one at Great Yarmouth and the other in Lowestoft.
Mark informed the Board that both Crossings were presented on the
media last night side by side and stated that Lowestoft Lake Lothing
Third River Crossing is a year ahead of the Great Yarmouth Crossing.
David Cumming supported the work underway in Lowestoft and
informed the Board of a package of around £11m of Growth Deal that
is being spent in Great Yarmouth to overcome congestion and
sustainable transport problems.
Chris Starkie also explained that the case is strengthened further for
the Great Yarmouth Third River Crossing by Highways England’s
proposals for Vauxhall and Gapton.
Cllr Finch suggested making sure the Lake Lothing and Great
Yarmouth Third River Crossings are integrated and that the
communications teams are clear on the scheme names.
Richard Perkins stated his support for the Great Yarmouth Third River
Crossing as it helps to provide connections between Enterprise Zones,
it is important for South Denes and really beneficial to the nearby
businesses as there are lots of energy companies based nearby.
Richard Taylor explained that in relation to the Lowestoft Lake Lothing
Third River Crossing there is a lengthy asset protection process which
is there for good reasons, therefore early engagement into any
schemes is always beneficial.
Mark informed the Board that the scheme will cost around £120m and
around 20% will be locally funded. The bridge is likely to lift around 15
times a day.
ACTION: HG to circulate the Great Yarmouth Third River Crossing
Integrated Transport Strategy
David Cumming introduced the Integrated Transport Strategy item which has
been developed alongside the Norfolk and Suffolk Economic Strategy. There
is still a bit more work that we felt needed doing. The Strategy is going to be
published after the Norfolk and Suffolk Economic Strategy in October, this will
allow the document to take account of the Autumn Budget, further work on the
Action Plan and allow us to plan for further events including engagement with
Government, civil servants and with Ministers. The final version will go
through the adoption process in autumn and receive sign off through the Local
Transport Board and New Anglia LEP Board.
ACTION: All please send any Integrated Transport Strategy comments to Lisa
Roberts at the New Anglia LEP.
Nick Burfield reiterated his previous comments explaining how important
Haverhill is, the fact that the A1307 appears to be missing, the map on page
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18 has no road to Haverhill and that London Stansted appears to be
ACTION: Nick Burfield to invite Lisa Roberts, David Cumming or Graeme
Mateer to discuss the Integrated Transport Strategy at the next Suffolk
Chamber of Commerce Transport Board on Tuesday 10th October.
Cllr Finch stated that the document needs to provide a clearer message about
what we are trying to say.
Jonathan Denby explained that he would like to see a prioritised Action Plan
which focuses on a clear prioritisation for rail infrastructure. Schemes such as
the Great Eastern Main Line, Trowse, digital signalling, removal of level
crossings and Ely. This would then set specific targets.
David Cumming explained that there was a meeting planned with Metro
Dynamics that had to be cancelled due to personal reasons, he is looking to
reschedule this meeting, the meeting will be looking at the Action Plan and
prioritised list.
ACTION: David Cumming to rearrange the meeting to discuss the Integrated
Transport Strategy.
Chris Soule informed the Board that he did have a meeting in Suffolk about
the roads and how they need to be maintained. Norfolk and Suffolk are rural
areas and we have lots of schemes that need to be addressed and funded.
The Board needs a body of evidence to show that there may be a special
funding issue.
Cllr Finch supported this and explained that the maintenance/ operational
budget is a big challenge.
Ali Clabburn said the Integrated Transport Strategy timetable of actions was
not clear on what we are doing and when. It also anticipates the future rather
than understanding the demand now. Community transport in Norfolk and
Suffolk is currently suffering with insufficient internet access. We also need to
make better use of what we have now.
Philip Broadbent-Yale stated he was pleased to see a focus on cycling, the
transport network needs to build on collaboration between modes.
Cllr McGregor queried why the Sizewell C scheme was in the document as a
case study as EDF have not currently responded to the consultation.
Cllr Finch suggested that the document needs to tie in with other documents
and it needs to be crisper in how it concludes the actions lists and timetables.
It needs to have fundamental principles of what those actions are.
Chris Starkie explained that the Strategy is not an Investment Plan. We are
looking at creating the Action Plan between now and November during this
time the document will be refined.
ACTION: All to send any images to David Cumming/ Graeme Mateer.
ACTION: NCC/ SCC and New Anglia LEP to make sure the above comments
are incorporated into the Integrated Transport Strategy.
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Transport Investment Strategy
Graeme Mateer circulated a paper explaining an A140 study, a new major
roads network, including potential funding, and bids made by Norfolk for
Hempnall and Suffolk for Eye Airfield through the National Productivity
Investment Fund. The A140 is on the current Rees Jeffreys major road
network map but not the A12.
Karl Murphy stated that a consultation is expected in late autumn.
ACTION: HG to circulate the A140 study paper.
New Anglia LEP Board
Chris Starkie updated the Board. Mark Pendlington will be stepping
down as Chair of the New Anglia LEP at the LEP AGM on Wednesday
20th September. The new Chair will be Doug Field. The LEP Board has
also appointed two new representatives: Dominic Keen and Sandy
Ruddock from Suffolk. The LEP has asked PWC to review its
operations and processes as it has grown in scale and substance in
the past 3 to 4 years and the LEP wants to ensure systems and
processes are as effective and transparent as they can. The Board is
reviewing its recommendations at its meeting on 20 September. The
review has looked at the sub Boards and their terms of reference.
The Norfolk and Suffolk Economic Strategy has been developed with
local authority and business leaders and the LEP are currently going
through the first draft with stakeholders receiving lots of positive
feedback. The Strategy will be signed off at the October LEP Board
and will go through all 16 local authority sign off processes before then.
Government has also announced a review of LEPs. The Conservative
manifesto explained that funding is going to continue being given to
Chambers of Commerce
Nick Burfield explained that the Chamber have produced a brochure to
promote the A14 in their RIS submission.
ACTION: HG to circulate No More A14 Delays in Suffolk brochure.
Nova Fairbank informed the Board of the upcoming A47 Alliance
business breakfast being held on Thursday 9th November in Great
Road (Highways England, DfT)
David Abbot informed the Board that the A47 preferred routes were
recently announced with the next milestone being the statutory
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consultation in early 2018. The publication of the Strategic Road
Network Initial Report is expected in November 2017. The deadline for
the latest road for growth and housing funds is Friday, the purpose of
the fund is to support developments that are held up due to lack of
funding to deal with strategic road network obstacles.
Karl Murphy updated the Board about the National Productivity
Investment Fund which has £490m to be spent in 2018/19, 2019/20, an
announcement on bids is anticipated in the autumn.
Air (Norwich, Stansted)
No updates.
Rail (Network Rail, Greater Anglia, East Midlands, East West Rail)
Ollie Starbuck informed the Board that the East Midlands Rail
Franchise is currently out for public consultation. The consultation
closes on Wednesday 11th October.
Richard Taylor informed the Board that work was soon to be underway
to look at options at the Trowse Bridge. Work is also expected to start
in October on the Felixstowe Loop with completion expected in May
ACTION: Richard Taylor/ Joseph Chroston- Bell to share work on
Trowse with David Cumming at Norfolk County Council.
Jonathan Denby explained that Greater Anglia has had an extensive
look at its new trains and has received over 1,000 comments from the
public. A number of the trains are currently being refurbished. Greater
Anglia is also working with DfT to try to change the compensation
process. He referred to media stories about potential industrial action
by train staff. He explained that Greater Anglia is planning to retain all
conductors along its routes, but is proposing that, on some services,
drivers operate the doors thus freeing up other staff to “do the things
that customers like.” There is no proposal for reducing the numbers of
train staff. Jonathan said that one project which would make a big
difference to increasing service frequency is Haughley Junction
Ports (Great Yarmouth, Felixstowe)
No updates.
Buses (First, Ipswich)
No updates.
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Ali Clabburn explained that Liftshare has updated all of their digital
platforms. You can now reserve parking when making bookings.
Liftshare is also trialling an MTP in North Norfolk which shows different
transport options and community transport. There may be an
opportunity to integrate this with Google Transit. Liftshare is also
lobbying DfT to use Norwich as a demonstration area for car sharing.
Philip Broadbent-Yale is currently working with the Broads Authority
looking at way making for East Norfolk.
8. Any other business
There was no other business.
9. Date of the next meeting
10.30-12.30 on Tuesday 28th November in Ipswich.
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